The disclaimer, in non legalese

Some things worry me. Actually, not me but others who read this blog. You see, anything I write here does not necessarily correspond to something happening in my own life. I know that the disclaimer posted on the blog is thick and it covers a lot of ground. The post right after the disclaimer triggered so many chain reactions from a lot of people I know. So I have decided to explain things in a way that would probably make things easier to understand. And of course the last crash course post made some of you happy, others happier... so I need to tell you how I feel so euphoric.

As an author of any story, one tries to get under the skin of the character. You will realize this if you try writing something yourself. So for example if I write about Anu the six-year-old, I try to think like her. Or sometimes when I see myself being torn between duty and emotion, I can identify with Arjuna. In some cases, lets say I'm experiencing a particular feeling. And then if I am reminded of someone I had read about or met somewhere, I can immediately feel what the person must have been feeling at that time. From then on, I can project feelings and put myself in his/her shoes and follow a chain of thought or actions to a long distance.

At other times, I try to learn by seeing others around me. I have lived out of my home for a long time, and have met lots of people. And I have observed them, quite intently. So that little shrug of the shoulder and you look away when you see that guy, or the way your voice changes when one incident is mentioned -- it rings a bell in my head. And I try to think what would have prompted that exact particular way of talking or moving if I had been you. And I know what you're thinking. Don't be misled into thinking that I'm claiming to possess some supernatural power: we all do it either consciously or subconsciously. Just that I notice myself doing this, and come back to write here about it.

Most importantly, it is stored in my head. I like to ruminate and ponder over past incidents. And as some people would attest to, I have a sharp memory. So a lot of my posts are written in retrospect. And one lone incident or person doesn't make a post. But stringing together thoughts, incidents, reactions, words uttered by people -- this is a subconscious process. Haven't you ever been suddenly thinking of phrases and sentences to say to people when you meet them? Haven't you ever wandered in your head trying to second-guess what your teacher was thinking when she assigned you this task -- "What does she really want?". Or even imagining scenarios with a that end with something like, "If it goes there, I'll walk out!"? Whether you like to admit it or not, it is your subconscious thought and pondering over stuff: you are doing what I do as well -- we ruminate.

I do not say that all posts on this blog are born out of a lot of pondering and afterthought. Whether it be my sister going away after her marriage or me getting all fired up after reading about the mistreatment of teachers after the government inviting them over for the President's Award, they are spontaneous. But most of the time it isn't. So don't worry if I'm talking evil or publishing the Desi Juliet Guide; they are just attempts at emulating or recording what I see around me, and in the way I see it.


  1. Someone tried to read too much into your posts?

  2. i hear ya! but i don't see how it can be mistaken, your posts are very clear, and even i (who only barely knows you) can make out when you're talking about yourself.

  3. Mampi, someone or the other always does, without even trying.

    Galadriel, yeah but some posts are born out of a lot of thought, and they seem to connect me and the post. Take the "evil" post for example.. a lot of people talked to me offline after the post asking if I was okay.

  4. though im new to ur blog, i wd say u must be really gud at story telling... if ppl are taking ur stories as real...

    keep writing :)

  5. Priyanka, thanks! Hopefully if you stick around long enough you'll sample some of the yarn I spin here.

    P.S. - Liked your latest post and have linked to it from Blogbharti :)

  6. hehe why was this a requirement?
    Anyway I recently came across an incident on someone tracking a blogger's posts(fiction), trying to relate them to actual events! And things like these doesn't worry 24-26 yr old kids like us but 38+ ppl!! So you never know who can assume what and out of immaturity or insecurity or what not!

  7. Priyanka, you're welcome :)

    Gradwolf, yep... amen to that!

  8. Well said ...but was this a reaction to something ??

  9. Some paragraphs are quite well written.. I liked this part - "And one lone incident or person doesn't make a post. But stringing together thoughts, incidents, reactions, words uttered by people -- this is a subconscious process.".. Very true! btw, I commented on a lighter note on ur 'Crash Course' post, just kinda joking :)

  10. Wanderlust, :) no, just pre-emptive so to say,

    Tanwistha, all right it was a joke, no worries :) And thank you.

  11. I know what you mean -- my blog is the same. Whatever is in my head, I tend to write about but it doesn't necessarily reflect my life. It's full of rants and is an outlet of my thoughts.

    I love how we can at least get into your thoughts through your blog :) Thanks for being that generous.

  12. Princess, million ages no see! And thank you, of course. Lets see if you've posted anything new.


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