I think I should have written this even before I started writing this blog, but I consider that this disclaimer held and will hold for all things ever written on this blog. If it wasn't here on the blog before, well, I assumed that it was implied. Perhaps it may be time to make things explicit: if not now, it might be useful in the future.

Everything I write here, even up to and including guest posts, are solely at my own discretion and risk. No-one associated with me, neither my employers, my employees, my family, my friends, institutions I am associated with or the orgranisation hosting the web space is to be held responsible for anything written here. It is solely my own prerogative, and at my own will that I post whatever I do, and therefore all bouquets and brickbats, awards or lawsuits should be directed towards me and nobody else.

Also, there may be a lot of veiled references in the posts or the content published here: either in images, poems, or just plain text. Most of them are those that I designed and kept there purposefully. The others, well, you read them and you get hints... unintended hints as and when you pick them up and frown at or enjoy. They, too, are my own creation, and although I am responsible for them, I would want you to clarify them with me if you are in doubt before you jump to a conclusion.

The same holds for all posts/parts which I deem funny --- a lot is written for humour here, and if you do not understand the fun or humour in the post, well, I can't help it. Stop reading it: thats all. I will not clarify something until I think that it was unfair to write whatever it was, and I will not apologize for it either.

I do link to external sources at times --- I am not responsible for what they say or do or the authenticity/ appropriateness of the content there. If it is out there on the web, for public viewing, then I have a right to link to it and spread the word about it: I do not necessarily endorse what I link to always.

Also, please note that I am not responsible for any outcome that occurs to you out of following my ideas, my thoughts and/or suggestions. Most of the time they are said in jest, and when not, they are very specific to a particular case: which is me. You might draw inspiration from them, and want to apply something similar in your life, but I don't care and you take such inspiration/advice at your own risk: not mine.

I write about a lot of stuff here, and not everything I write is related to something in my personal life or is inspired by something like that. I write because I feel like writing, and I might imagine situations and write about them. So, a particularly deep and dark post from me doesn't mean that I am all blue, and neither does happy poetry mean that I am all sunshine. If you know me in person, don't think that something is happening to me all the time and they are inspiring posts --- they are not. I have my imagination, and I use it a lot.

Also, you may not use any part of the contents on this blog without explicitly citing the source on some other form of publication. Also, if you are about to publish any part or whole of the content of this blog in a commercial manner where you derive monetary profit out of it, you cannot do so without my explicit written permission: breaching that would mean infringement of copyright. Please refer to the Creative Commons license linked on the right for details.

Finally, by reading any content on the blog, you are bound by these conditions. If you need clarifications on anything, get in touch with me and I can explain things better.


  1. "Finally, by reading any content on the blog, you are bound by these conditions. If you need clarifications on anything, get in touch with me and I can explain things better."

    --- That read like a Privacy Policy of a website hehehehe :D. See, how famous u are getting now!!! U now need a disclaimer :P :P


  2. What science gained, the law lost, one computer science engineer made is a barrister lost...

  3. ranting was incited or u just felt like writing it?:)..

  4. Supremus, yeah, fame or not, that disclaimer might come handy any day! :)

    Arunava, thank you so much.

    Pallavi, I just felt like writing it. Besides, there are some other posts looming in my head, for which that disclaimer needs to hold specifically. :)

    Alka, thank you! :)

  5. Ummm did you decide to quit geekdom and become a liar errmm I mean a lawyer...?

  6. Anonymous (Sky?), first of all, thank you so much for calling me a geek! :) And no, I wouldn't be half as useful as a lawyer as I am right now, although I don't know what difference it makes if you multiply or divide zero with anything ;)

  7. Longest Disclaimer....on earth...how about entering into some world records... :-)

  8. R, yeah, how about the most paranoid disclaimer ever? :)

  9. I think you mean "prerogative", not


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