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Tanmay confession: it is NOT due to Circumcision

If you have seen the play "Noises Off" by Naatak, then you would understand the rest of this post. I played the character of Tim (or Tanmay) in the play.

Tanmay's confession: as narrated to Ruku
(Ruku's comment: Tanmay is a sweetheart)

I would like to begin by apologizing to everyone who came to watch the play. The delay was NOT due to Circumcision. I repeat, it was NOT due to Circumcision. I was merely reading from the page that I was handed and Fareed was the one who gave me the wrong word (I'll kill you). I would also like to blame Poppy for writing complicated English words like "circumstances". Clearly her pregnancy has put her vocabulary engine into overdrive.
(Ruku's comment: Sorry? Did you just say that Poppy is having a baby?)

Speaking of pregnancies, Loy, you bastard! (Ruku's comment: Loy, you bastard!) Even though Draupadi had filed for her third divorce while she was in the middle of "Draupadi ke Kesh", Loy managed to dip hi…

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