Ode to the fools

Fool, oh fool... when will you learn? How much more price do you have to pay before you realise that the world is not what you were told it is? How many more pyres of your dreams and trust need to be torched before you will realise that you have been cheated?

You will never learn, dear. You will implicitly trust friends and their words. You will believe them, make way for them, go out of your way to help them. And one fine day you will discover that they didn't stand by you when you needed them the most. You will have fierce loyalty towards your friends: you will neglect your own comfort and priorities just to see a little smile on their faces, or to hear a little sigh of relief from them. And then, when the time comes, you will suddenly be disillusioned: those that you trusted the most will stand on the other side of the bank and watch you sink in the river. They will lose faith in you when it counts the most. At best, they will shrug their shoulders and say, "I'm sorry --- I have other work to do: I hope/pray that you will swim out".

You belong to the unfortunate lot, dear. Hatred born out of jealousy will make you feel ashamed, and you will imagine that you are wrong in having over-achieved. You will convince yourself that all your jewels are actually scars that you need to hide. You will desperately seek support, and friendship. But alas, even those who come near you to offer you support will be those who wish to make fun of you: to get a few more juicy details for the story. You cannot be angry with them: isn't anger bad? Weren't you taught that? It must be your fault somewhere... how can someone else be at fault? Go and see the mirror, and find some trace of guilt somewhere! And then, go and confess that you were wrong --- how could you ever be right? Fie on you, o trampled soul, that you dared to stick with the truth. Didn't you learn, that there is no divinity, much less anything called divine justice? Didn't you learn that the truth has no value in front of the bully? That you, because you bore the truth, will be branded as the weakest one? How many more times do you need to be slapped to remember that, moron?

People will come to you, though... in secret, in hiding, and tell you their stories. You will be there for them, listening to them, helping them and pushing all doors in your power to let them pass through the difficult times into the light. Did you ever want anything back in return? Hah! Fool, oh fool... you will remain a fool not to do so. When your turn comes, you must weep alone, howl and rant and cause yourself pain alone: and fall asleep tired after all the punishment you could give to yourself. That is your destiny, o fool!

Alas, you cannot change. Because you find the joy in helping. Because you see divinity in smiling faces, in the innocent laughter. However much your wound might be raw under the skin, you must cover it up and keep smiling. You keep smiling every time you are branded the fool. Because you know, that at the end of the day, it was worth being the fool. Forever.


  1. Don't worry, my dear. I'll take you to the doctor. You'll be fine in a few days... :-p

    Seriously, though, that's a nice article. Just who did you have in mind while posting it? Or is it purely philosophical?

  2. Very realistic,very true...u just spoke my mind !!!!!!Anywayz,u doin fine ?-Ms NMA

  3. Hmm, came here surfing..but i thing my visit just worth it..
    Love the way you have express it and love the last line..
    The happiness and help that we give to others worth it..
    Tske care

  4. That's really nice...
    The problem with today's world is every one who seems to show his humanness is considered a fool...
    But, I really believe that because of people like you, there's always a hope - human beings are not extinct...

  5. (if u ve penned all these by experience)
    dude.. these are just another passing clouds, i don't need to tell u, cuz u were d 1 who wrote such a nice comment wen i was down! cheer up buddy. take d learnings from it n let d rest go off!
    looking f/w to c ur replies for all these comments soon.
    (if u've just tried writing poetry kind)
    skill u possess is awesome!
    look at the lighter side of d things always! have fun :)

  6. You sound provoked.I've felt the same several times.The best thing is just not to bother and get along with life..so cheer up !!!!! :)

  7. After reading your post I was on the verge of depression, but your last lines brighten things up. Yes, that's the way. And with passage of time one becomes wise and selective too and learn to differentiate between pests and those who really need help.

  8. Is this why you preceded this (and forthcoming..??) post(s) with the disclaimer?

  9. Yet this is evident from time immemorial that fools are the wisest. There is much depth in their raving and ranting.Time and tide of life endorses them with wisdom enough to enlighten the paths of the so-called wise and prevent them from faltering.In the process they learn to ward off their own pitfalls, isn't it?Their strength lies in accepting life in its elemental state.

  10. Hari, thank you sir... the doc will be mighty pleased with you! Well, I had some people in mind while writing this. Some parts are also philosophical :)

    Ms NMA, I'm fine, thanks. Take a look at the reply to your comment on the eight-point-someone post to find out more.

    Shruti, I am glad you liked the posts. I linked to your blog too!

    Dust Unsettled, thank you so much! The 'fools' described here are not just me, but a thousand others. But thank you again so much for putting me in the noble category. And a formal hello and welcome onboard, of course! :)

    Janum, thanks a lot! Well, part of the post was from experience, part from imagination and philosophy. Having fun, thanks! :)

    Lavender, welcome onboard! I wasn't provoked: it was a sum total of various experiences; some my own and some belonging to others. But I'm good... thanks a lot.

    Alka, very well said, indeed. And my apologies if I caused you to go close to depression. As always, whenever you are down, turn eastward and shout "Glory unto Sudipto" a hundred times. That will cure you! :)

    Arunava, Attaboy! :) :)

    Maa, I have no words to reply to that, since it summarizes all I could have said. Thank you so much.

  11. seems like somebody ruffled ur feathers!!

  12. hmmm nice...
    i c the conflict coming thru...
    hmm u do kno that even tho u cud kick urself for trusting that is the biggest leap of faith u can ever make...that is if it is with close friends n not random people...
    u also hav a choice to make...b fooled yet not give up or get smart and not trust and hate urself for not bein able to trust...

  13. Pallavi, nope... refer disclaimer before! :)

    Tia, no, I see a third way out. Do trust people, but not blindly. We must use our judgement. But when the crunch times come, we must stand up and show fierce loyalty: at those times, they will be worth getting fooled a hundred times over.

  14. how did you come up with that?! it's true though. i usually don't see people putting that much thought and effort into their posts!

  15. evil evil...bet u won't be spared d nex time..jus wait n watch...:D
    Caution:Run for ur life..ROTFL-Ms NMA

  16. Awww, that is so true. I've gotten burned a few times myself... perhaps because of naiveity or my being in denial that life is always good. It happens to the best of us, we all learn the hard way... the unfortunate part is, we have to find out one way or another what the truth really is.

  17. Hi...

    Came to your blog via Hari's corner. Nice blog will visit again...

  18. Rajarshi, thank you. I do think at times and then these serious posts are churned out.

    Miss NMA, I could find double meanings even in this comment of yours, but I'll spare you this time. The warnings hold on either side, I suppose :)

    Princess Banter, yes, very true. We need to face reality one time or the other, and experience teaches us how to discriminate.

    Shrinidhi, welcome onboard! Thanks a lot: do keep visiting.

  19. the more you give, the more you expect. this is human nature, got instilled in us when we were tiny little stupid babies. we were always told to do good so that everyone would reciprocate. so when the reciprocation doesn't happen we feel rejected and neglected. it is very difficult to keep doing things for someone you care for while not expecting anything in return, but i guess somewhere along the way we learn our lesson...but am not sure that makes us happier :) btw, if some of this is about your experience, I hope you can heal soon, take care..

  20. Very well expressed facts and feelings!!

  21. Life lover, as I told you... thanks: I'm fine. And actually, we are also taught to give unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. Unfortunately, we can't always do that, and that is what causes our misery.

    Maithily, thank you :)

  22. After being thr this post, i now really want to be a: fool :)

  23. Varun, thank you... and for all you know, you already have an ode written to you! :)

  24. yea bhai :)
    "People will come to you, though... in secret, in hiding, and tell you their stories. You will be there for them, listening to them, helping them and pushing all doors in your power to let them pass through the difficult times into the light."
    i did see both us in above line.
    u are simply superb :)

  25. Hey! You write really well...I enjoyed reading your blog ...

    Keep up the good work!

  26. Prajakta, thanks a lot! You made my day. :)

    1. Omg.... this is truly one of the most beautiful poem ever, i thank u for it ^_^


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