JK Rowling got this one thing right. You need to feel it, really mean it. When you curse, it can't be revenge. It cannot be something to give the person a taste of the same medicine. You cannot be trying to appeal to his conscience, you cannot have the glimmer of hope that the enemy will realize that this is futile... that there is no point in the battle. You have to mean it, and really really want to hurt. They cry, they weep, they scream in agony... you must go on. Wound, maim, kill and destroy. Thats how you can be evil.

You see, good things happen only to those who can fight for it. When the time comes, you must be prepared to fight. Bury those weird feelings of guilt, mute that voice of conscience screaming within that this isn't right. Because it is right: that is how the fittest survive. The conscience is just what people programmed you to believe in when you were a kid; but hey, they aren't foolish enough to believe that bullshit anyway. If it takes drawing blood, cut off the arm. If it calls for to prick them with a needle, plunge the dagger in. Do it without remorse, do it without guilt. Don't be afraid: it is much better to feign asking for forgiveness from others than to beg for permission from yourself. Guess what, then the deed is already done.

If you don't stand up and fight, they will. They will do it anyway. When there is a helpless wimp who believes God will protect him from it all, when he believes that 'peaceful' negotiation and conversation will provide the solution, you are going to be a fool to not grab the opportunity. Treat this as the white man's burden. Even in conversation, put that barb wire around all you say. In the guise of the dialogue, let this still be a way of calling a spade a shovel: hurt, stab, and name and say what they don't want to hear. The best defence is a ravaging offense, one that isn't afraid to knife through the heart and destroy forever... there can be feelings and remorse afterwards. But hey, nothing you need to worry about! Speak your mind, speak the gross detail, hurt the feelings. You suffer a little, but the losses will always make up for the satisfaction of having killed them. That is sacrifice, that will be the price you need to pay. No ulterior good motives, no 'right thing' to do. Being evil means being the devil: being the best in business. Be that, and you'll live and survive. No martyr lives to get the bouquet, their graves do. And the ones who live are the ones who write what the story was. Dead men tell no tales.


  1. That's the How-to guide to be a stone, to be mean and to be passionately whole heart(less)(ed)ly evil, right. good one too, except at the end of it all it leaves u feeling too empty..

  2. it is much better to feign asking for forgiveness from others than to beg for permission from yourself
    drove the nail right home with that. there was this movie called The Good Son starring Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood. there's a line in the movie in which he says 'you just have to believe you can do anything' or something to that effect. that line is what scares me the most about being evil. the minute you start believing you can do anything, without being answerable to anyone, you've crossed halfway over from being good to being evil.

  3. Being evil for dummies? Do we get a how-to-be-good series next? Naah? Maybe good is too boring, plus the world is too full of evil anyways, its easier!


  4. I had asked for another how-to-..
    what became of that?

    Is this in response to that? Hey Bhagwaan !!!

  5. whew!!!

    still trying to digest all that sage advice.

    guess since the world is turning evil in anycase....ur post would help to atleast do it competently.

  6. exactly my feelings sometimes. There is not justifying what you do, but that is all left to do..:)

  7. Fantabulous!! I don't take your words literally.I interpreted it in some other way.

    This plastic world is more concerned about the results.

    In the end who wins is the man.

    No matter what.Wining at anycost is the mantra.

    The flow, thoughts mapping is Superb.Luv it.

  8. Phoenix, yeah, sometimes being the stone keeps you alive.

    Galadriel, yeah, but at the same time, it is also very inspiring, isn't it? Ravana, some say, was Rama's best worshipper.

    Sky, no how-to-be-good series... you have a live example of me in person! :)

    Manpreet, naah this isn't a how-to. I'd rather post a creepier how-to one of these days ;)

    Pinku, yeah... more instructions available on demand. :)

    Anu, welcome onboard! There is a justification -- survival!

    Vinay, thank you :) Being evil has its benefits, I suppose.

  9. There is still hope for the world, one doesn't have to get so devilish.

  10. Can you drop a drop of molten candle wax on an earthworm, watch it writhe in pain, unable to coil up into the spiral, unable to move, only writhe in pain? Can you drop another drop, on its tail portion, and watch it convulse again? Then can you, with a blade, cut off its lower half, making sure it is still alive and can feel the pain? Then can you drop another drop of wax on the earthworm, now on its head, watch it throw itself about for some time, and walk up away, satisfied? A harmless earthworm, I'm talking of, which has done no wrong except happen to be spotted by you in passing? It hasn't climbed up your leg, it hasn't sat on your table. You spot it, you light a candle, and then drip, drip, drip... Can you do that to a man? To a woman? To a child?

  11. Anonymous, sometimes it is good to be in the shoes of the devil. That way, all the followers of God fear you.

    Arunava, there is a line between being sick and being evil. Evil has to have a purpose, sick does not.

  12. And what purpose is it that evil has? Isn't evils very purpose rooted in a sickness?

    Arunava, wonderful example, I think I cringed while reading it - perfectly done!


  13. and Sudipto you are spewing hatred through the blog medium. It is an offence.

    Who Made you in charge of blog bharti, you are a black mark to the very word BHARATI.

    I challenge you to publish this comment and to a debate on this issue.

  14. Sick? Purpose? Being evil must have a purpose? Weren't you the one telling us that one must mean a curse to curse? That we cannot curse to take revenge? And now you're telling me being evil must have a purpose? What purpose? To wound maim kill and destroy? Isn't that sick? Where do you draw the line?

    Sky, thank you, but I hardly think "wonderful" would be the word to describe the example given. It was meant to drive in that you can't just be evil as and when you want to. What Sudipta has written in this post, is, I think more a tribute to the Theory of Conservation of Virtue and Vice, than a how-to guide to be a stone.

    And no, I don't think Sudipta is spewing hatred through the blog medium. His blog, more often than not, carries hilarious stories of pranks and mischief, touching articles about various aspects of life put in a lucid expression of free-flowing words. I have very often drawn inspiration from many of his posts. So no, I don't think Sudipta is a black mark to the word BHARTI.

  15. Sky, no, evil's purpose isn't sickness, but to eliminate what it perceives as sickness. It does not take pleasure in gradually fading it off: it takes pleasure in swiping it off at one go. For that, you need to mean it -- Ravana was evil, Duryodhana was evil. If you must be evil, be like them; but I agree... sometimes you need to be sick to do your duty of the evil.

    Anonymous, which again is sky -- don't you think you posted this on the wrong post? Perhaps you meant the top-10 post? Challenge accepted, BTW :D

    Arunava, read my comment above. And thanks for defending what you believed in. I don't think sky meant anything in the last comment -- she was merely trying to pick a fight as per advice #3 of the next post. :)

  16. wow.. wonderful post.. had a nice time reading it. :)

  17. Anonymous, thank you. And I don't know if I should welcome you here (as per the tradition extended to first-time visitors), but as long as you find posts on being evil as wonderful, you're always welcome :)

    BTW, you might want to leave a name next time -- I promise I wouldn't bite. :D


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