They didn't run

We were returning from a movie last night. We were generally ambling across the parking lot with the light rail station in sight, and discussing the movie, cutting jokes, etc when we spotted our train from a distance. It was pretty late and the frequency of trains was very little at this hour, so I started to run for it. "Oh leave it... we can't make it", one of them said. I replied, "Lets give it a shot at least", and dashed for the train. I vaguely heard some mumbling from them, something like "too far" or "no time" or something. But I paid no heed --- I was already sprinting and assumed that they will follow.

I was surprised on the way, however. Two of the three others go to the gym regularly, and I started going with them only recently. Also, I'm not a great sprinter, and add to that the broken foot I've got --- I definitely am not the fastest person around. And yet, I was leading them in the chase. "Well, maybe I had a headstart" I thought. I reached the train doors huffing and puffing: people were still coming off the coaches, and others were waiting to board. "Made it in time, yaay!", I thought. And then I stopped and looked back. My roomies had half-ran the distance, and then given up midway --- they were standing a long way away from the platform, sort of watching the show.

I cannot really describe what I felt right then. I'll spare you the choice of words I had for them as I stood there on the platform and let the train leave. But this was really surprising for me. I know that they could have made it, only if they had tried... only if. I don't know what use the gym and all is to them if they couldn't use their stamina outside the gym. Why on earth would someone want to give up without a fight? Thats just not me --- if there is a chance, I'll take it and see it to the end. I would have been happy if we had run and still missed the train. But these folks gave up even without a run, for they had presaged their defeat! I hate it, I just hate it.

Well, whatever it is. I usually don't post such personal stuff here on the blog. But I don't have anywhere else to rant, so you, the readers will have to bear with this one. Maybe I'm just a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, or maybe I need to relax a little in life. But I don't know: maybe it is just not a part of my character to give up without an effort. Sorry about the rant --- will post something happier soon.


  1. Losers!!! not so much, may be we dont need to run for everything ...chillax..:)!

  2. "I don't know what use the gym and all is to them if they couldn't use their stamina outside the gym." Hum.. to show their biceps to gals and impress them. That's why they go to gym. :-)Perhaps...

  3. I don't think they were in the mood for a run.

    If I were in your place, I'd have boarded the train and waved them goodbye.

  4. I think I know the word... that came to ur mind.. "losers"? :p

    But then I guess at times, ppl just like havin a laidback attitude and not rushing for everything in life..

  5. Maybe it just wasn't important for them to get on that train when they knew another one would be there soon? It takes all kinds to make the world...if every one started running who would be there to appreciate those who made that effort?

  6. Err the anon comment was sky's

  7. Pallavi, hmmm, okay.

    Alka, perhaps!

    Hari, I too wanted to do the same: damn everything else. Didn't do it, however.

    Alka, yeah maybe.

    Sky, the next one was after 45 good minutes which I had to keep waiting for.

  8. Sudipta, I also wouldn't classify them as "losers" in general. Just losers on that particular occasion.

    I don't read too much philosophy into their non-willingness to run and catch a train... it was a quiet, relaxing night, from what I gather and so maybe the need to rush to a train didn't exactly figure high in the priority list?

  9. Oh 45 mins ka kya hai...masti main gappe maarte maarte kat jaata hai :)

    Anyways. if the situation was reversed I might react the same way as you did, but sometimes I tell myself it is not necessary to do your best for that am older and wiser, I have started realizing the importance of being lazy :D


  10. der's nothing 'wrong' or 'personal' bout u postin 'such' stuff..honestly i really like ur attitude :)Way to go !!!!

  11. True! The worst of a situation is not even trying. And, btw, who said blogs shouldn't have personal stuff? :)We, as readers, would like them too.

  12. Hari, yeah, not in general but only on that particular occasion. I'm sorry if I projected too much philosophy into their actions --- I was just in a rant mode :)

    Sky, good for you... we'll see to these things when you arrive here.

    Lavender, thanks, dear... ohter posts are lined up. :)

    Alpine Path, thanks for understanding. About the personal stuff... umm... just that it is not my taste.

  13. sudip..
    its yet again a nice blog dude! u of course can write anythin n everythin tat u feel like here nah!!!
    after all its ur blog, ur hands n ur stuff like wat u ve told here to the Wonderful Person :)

  14. Janum, thanks for reminding me of that. But anyway, I don't like to publish so trivial and personal things here -- that was all.

  15. So did you see to those things? I totally forgot to discuss the blog ;p

    Lord Voldemort
    (You-know-who) :)

  16. Lord Voldemort, see to what?

    Yeah I'm turning older, I know :-\


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