Boys will be boyz

I did not say it, the doctor did. Accompanied with the regular rolling eyes, big huhhhh (sigh), and a little sideways nod. Mom, I know that you will read this post, but please rest assured that I am ok. These just happen at times.

Ok, so the university was offering a lot of opening-time fiestas and free T-shirts for everyone on the day before the classes started officially. Among other things, there was a little van from the US Army offering undergrads a trial to sign up, and also a little rock-climbing experience replete with harnesses and a 20-foot obstacle wall with very climbable rocks jutting out. I was rushing past it on that day with a bag over my shoulders and 2 free T-shirts under my arms to catch the shuttle home, and so missed the opportunity. But these wishes remain...

A couple of days or so after this, (this Friday, actually), a friend and I had ventured into our local gym again to see if there were any raquetball courts around so that we could smash some balls about. They were booked, and we were to wait. So while we ambled around, we found the rock-climbing section of the gym open for trials. Free! Promptly were we in, and then put on the special shoes, and started off --- no harnesses for anyone, though. I found I was doing pretty good on the novice trail, and so decided to go up-up-up instead of side-side and side. Up up and up I went, until a portion of the wall came when I had to switch way too much. With one hand clinging on, and I let go of another hand and two feet to switch to a different set of rocks. Woosh! --- I had missed, and slipped.

It wasn't so difficult to fall, you know, especially since there was a cushion underneath and also since all I was thinking of during the fall was, "Damn, shouldn't have missed this one... anyway, I'd take a different route next time... yeah should grab this rock here instead of that ugly sloping one there". However, that very cushion turned into the enemy. My ankles landed first, and they were promptly turned inwards with the cushion ensuring that I could not force any last-minute fall adjustments. And my 80 kilos made sure that each ligament, tendon and bone was proved to be worth its salt in a few split seconds. And man... I had sprained both ankles!

The bad signs started showing off right then. Swellings, hot warm tender areas around the ankles, and the general mental tendency of I don't want to walk, let me rest and I will walk after some time. But that some time never seemed to come that evening. I could walk; with immense pain, by holding others' shoulders, by almost dragging myself. But I could walk. However, they decided not to let me do that. After some ice packs, I was escorted in a wheelchair to the elevator, then to the upper floor, and then to my room-mate's car who had come by soon after a phone call. I rested at home that evening... and next morning had to go to the University Health Services.

But the point was, I could walk!! So while the doctor examined the feet, shook her head in regret that both the ankles were damaged, ordered X-rays and brought them in later on to show me that the left foot where I was not being able to take any weight was actually ok and the right foot on which I was walking had a chip-fracture and actually had chips of bones inside (or so she thought of the minute little white specks between the two bones at the joint), I thoroughly disagreed. Crutches were offered, but come on, I was much better off walking, and that morning I was already improving in that I could walk without support --- err, short distances, that is!

So the doctor fitted a huge boot to one foot, and air-pack to another, and asked me to show her that I could walk, since I was so against the crutches. So I hobbled a little with those giant-sized things stcking to my foot. "No, I am not convinced... show me if you can walk and then you'll know that you need those crutches". No, lady --- I was not going to take crutches. So with all pain under gritted teeth, I took a few steps and just walked... walked normally. A half-smile half-sigh was on her face already. "Ok, fine, you can do without the crutches... do you have any questions?", she asked. "Yes...", I said, "When can I start jogging again?" :)

It was then, right then, that she uttered, "Boys will be boyz" and the nurses standing and watching the show just nodded their heads, with a collective sigh and rolling/closed eyes. I know I am ok, and that it is not a chip-fracture. I anyway have an appointment with a sports specialist tomorrow who will confirm that for everyone who wants to curse me right now. I am ok, I am just fine and I can walk straight absolutely now: almost little pain in the feet now except when I want to keep walking for long. So there will be an update to the post in about 12 hours, and to reassure everyone: don't believe the doc --- there is no fracture, I can walk!

First, the bad news: it really is a chip fracture :(
Now, the good news: it is not on the weight-bearing part of the leg, and so I can walk and all. Second good news, I have been given medicines that will bring down the swelling even more and ease the pain. Third good news is that I should be able to jog around in about 6-8 weeks.

Just to complete the post, the doc asked me if I was allergic to anything while she was writing out the prescription. I replied, "Yes, I'm allergic to bad news and chip fractures" :)


  1. Ouch that must hurt! And no matter what you say, mothers will be mothers, and she's going to stress for sure!:) Well lets hope then, it's not a fracture! Hope the pain eases off.

  2. Sympathies.

    That aside, Rock climbing is fun aint it :P


  3. ouch.. both ankles! Now you & your coming generations will always remember the fun of rock climbing:-))

    Did you get a call from your mom yet:-)

    I hope you feel better soon. I don't know if you heard of a dish called "Paya", made out of goat feet. Its pure calcium. It really help during these kind of injuries. Even you can make it:-)let me know if you need the recipe.

    Will check ur blog later for the update and I wish you get the good report from the doc.

  4. Duhita, yeah well the pain is almost nil now. It is a fracture, yes... but no worries :)

    Supremus, yeah, you bet it is! Almost like going up a ladder, except that the path is not so well-defined.

    Mommyof2, huh? I do want to go rock-climbing again!! Mom hasn't seen this blog yet, although I have told my bro.

    About the paya thingy: thanks for the offer, but I guess I am better off without it right now. Pure unadulterated goat's feet boiled doesn't sound the perfect recipe to me :)

  5. oops! its sad this happened when you were doing one of the most fun things :( i mean rockclimbing rocks! its sooooo much fun :) that said, wish you a speedy recovery.

  6. So you have started your adventures right away. :-)I think its a good way to gain attention. :-) Now everyone will look at you and know you before even the academic session started!!! :-) Wishing you more adventures to you, BUT NOT OF THIS KIND.

  7. Rujul, yeah it was fun... the climbing part, that is ;)

    But yes I too wish to recover asap. Life is too short to waste lying down!

    Alka, gain attention? :D Trust me, it isn't... although I don't mind the occasional girls wanting to hold open doors for me and I wave them off and step on boldly. The academic session has started, and yes a lot of adventures are on their way for sure. They are all getting stored in the hard disk God gave me (to copy from you), and I sure will chronicle them.

  8. speaking as someone who spraind the same friggin ankle 7 times, id say take it easy !!

    theres plenty of time for you to go braking err..breaking other body parts lah!..

    i love rock husband does repelling....which i want to do as well.

  9. Wow! What a way to start college! Now be careful and do take the doctor's advice. They are doctors for a reason, you know.

  10. Grafxgurl, :) yeah well.. plenty of times for breaking other things as well. All the best for your rock-climbing!

    Anumita, yeah, well, apparently they do know :( But I'll be fine... thanks

  11. I hope you feel better soon. And that dish does sound yuck but its really good:-)) Good Luck

  12. Mommyof2, well, yes, thanks... I guess I'll manage without the dish this time :)

    Bristi, hey! Where have you been all this time? Thanks for the wishes, though. :)

  13. Came thru anumita's blog..Read nearly 3-4 posts at one go..Interesting read..But for more to happen u need to get up and be well again..So wish u a speedy recovery :-)

  14. Sangita, hey! Thanks for dropping by. But well, I can write about other things than just jogging... but thanks for the good wishes, anyway! :)

  15. High time you thought about joining a gymnasium, don't you think, bro???

  16. Careful dude!!
    Life is precious as well...
    Hope the injury is not a major one.
    Get well soon.
    Some of your post are rocking. Go ahead and conquer the world.

  17. Raman, yeah, right... the gym guys would be telling me that I am the bravest since Keith Mallory :)

    Ram, hey, welcome onboard! Yes, well... thanks. I'll take care.

  18. :D


    If I ever saw a blogging veteran, it has to be you! Man you write well! Do comment on my writing as well! My original blog is on

    Got the link to your blog on edulix...and one must wonder how much of a genuis you are to get into UT-Austin!! A little help will be greatly your profile there anywhere online?

  19. get well soon dude...and hey chk out my new post..i'd really like u to read this...c ya there

  20. Started with a BANG! in the literal! :-D

    Get well soon...doodh, dahi and the likes u know...;-)

    Term must have's it going??


  21. Dude could not read the entire post. Shucks it pains.

    Hope your up and about ASAP!

  22. Kunal, hey! Welcome onboard... and thanks a lot for the compliments :)

    Me? Genius?? :O Nothing hi-fi re.. my profile is there on edulix. Search, search!!

    Cardamom, yeah, thanks mate! Have seen your post.. keep 'em coming!

    Ellie, yes, bongs start with Bangs! :D Doodh-dahi? Hm... sound yummy! But kaun dega?? :(

    The term has started... it is manageable. Don't worry, I'll live :)

    Alka, jo hukum, ma'am! :) Yeah had some work, and besides, as you will notice in the new post, it requires some kind of a mood even to write.

    Sanjay, uh-oh! Yeah well.. thanks for the good wishes. I hope the next post is more palatable.

  23. dnt givup mate! i fell too... but didnt givup! (didnt break nethin though) :D
    nd get wel soon... get bk to rock again!

  24. Birdy, yeah thanks.. will be!

    Nadim, yeah I don't plan to give up. Thanks for dropping by!


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