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Wake up, bloggers

Bloggers, wake up! For long the mainstream media has been plagiarising pictures from our blogs for long. And they seem to get away with it with impunity. Because they don't respond to emails. They don't publish letters sent to the editor about their reporters lifting images with impunity. How can they -- these losers can't stand up to own their mistakes; they don't have the balls to do that. Yes I said it, they lack the balls. They copy images, text, opinions, and they aren't man enough to acknowledge the source: let alone ask for permission or compensate monetarily. Twilight Fairy, Archana, Bobinson have pointed it out before. And now, Shrinidhi finds one of his pics on the Times of India.

The question is, how do we fight it? And the answer is right here: we have our own blogs. Remember, united we stand and divided we fall. So on October 2nd, let us all post something about this plagiarism. It should only be fitting that we all stand together and lodge our protest against injustice on the day the one man who taught us this was born.

On October 2, you need to post something about plagiarism by all the media. Write your reaction, stand by fellow bloggers, and tell everyone that they need to be vigilant. And for now, please pass on this message to other people via comments on their blogs. Post a comment on every blog you visit, and encourage them to write something on this day. Everyone together, same day -- lets do this! Pass this as a tag, and please post something on October 2. Everyone, we need to do this together!


  1. Yes, it's a good idea. And much required. Will spread the word too.

  2. Thanks for the support extended. I just blogged about this.

  3. Cool, will try something as I have myself been a victim of TOI.

  4. ugh, the above comment was from me :P

  5. Got your message,
    will spread it
    and see to it that I do my bit
    Good work Sudipta.

  6. I'll forget most probably. It's better to schedule a post now. I'll spread t6his message as much as I can.

  7. Indian home maker, thanks!

    Shrinidhi, great! Thank you.

    Priyank, oh yes... thanks! And please spread the word.

    Mampi, thanks a ton!

    Guttu, welcome onboard! And thanks, of course.

  8. yup, will spread this around. This is really getting out of hand, and demands some vociferous opposition, at the least!

  9. All the best for the blogathon and hope that the TOI is forced to never stoop so low again. I have not been personally affected by plagiarism, but condemn it nevertheless.

  10. Fully support the initiative. Here's my take on it.

  11. Rukmani,thanks a lot! And welcome onboard.

    Clueso, thanks. But note that if you haven't been a target of plagiarism yet, you never know when you are the one next in line. Be vigilant! And welcome, of course.

    Kalabaaz, thanks a ton! Have visited that link. Welcome to my blog.

  12. I started a blog recently to collect all incidents of internet plagarism by the media, especially image theft since i’ve been affected twice.

    Please email me all instances of image theft and i shall archive them here so that the shame of the Indian press is here for everyone to see and relish.

  13. Dilip, good effort. Lets see how things go. And welcome onboard!

  14. thank you for the support. Right now I exchanging mails after mails with the news paper who published my photo without permission. I will update the world about the outcome. Right now I don't want to disclose the details as I am already bored with the mail chain and I don't want to throw them another subject. In any case we need to stand against these thieves.

    A database of more thefts can be found in the malayalikoottam groups page at :

    ~ bobinson

  15. You might have noticed by now, the TOI clarification in my case and Mint article about this issue

  16. Bobinson, welcome onboard! Good effort... some day it might come handy.

    Shrinidhi, yes I did read about that. Is there a link to the ToI clarification?

  17. Well the scanned image is up at my blog post

  18. Although too late, this is how I have lent my support. Cheers

  19. Shrinidhi, saw it. Great!

    Amused soul, thanks for writing.. will visit.

  20. UPDATE : a small victory over media plagiarism

    I sincerely thank you for the support ! We have to stand united and fight them.

  21. I think I am the latest victim of plagiarism by print media.
    One of the pictures from my blog got plagiarized and published in Malayalam daily Deshabhimani. Find more details in my blog at

  22. Shiju, this is sad indeed. Maybe we should make this an annual blogathon - to rise against plagiarism by the media. I'll comment on your blog as well.


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