What do we not know about the ground realities in Pakistan?

The next sentence is going to be extremely politically incorrect, in the view of a few people. Some, on the other hand, would be vigorously nodding their heads in agreement. The rest of the post after the sentence is dedicated to those who will be nodding their heads.
In India, and in most of the Western world, the nation of Pakistan is generally regarded as a hotbed for fostering terrorists, giving them shelter, etc. 
But in the wake of the recent bomb blast that killed so many people (yet again), I am reminded of this TED talk: we must be getting a single sided story!

So if you look at the List of terrorist incidents in Pakistan since 2001, it is horrifying that a nation of 187 million people would have over 35,000 deaths just from terrorist attacks in 10 years. Imagine that - thirty five thousand people dead, just due to terrorist attacks, in a decade!

Now, don't come to me with stats from other nations, especially India. We rank 4th on the Global Terrorism Index and India is among the most affected nations. I know, we have a problem. My point is, the enemy number one for us is also under attack, but I don't quite understand why. Given our narrative, all of them should be plotting the downfall of India. When would they have time to kill their own countrymen?

For those of you branding me a traitor as you read this story, let me clarify a few things. I fully and sincerely believe that their army has the mo****-fu****s who killed and beheaded two of my countrymen (among the million other things they do every day, as part of their daily routine). I know for a fact, that the Pakistani army thinks it can get cheap points by provoking the Indians whenever they can.

But, and here is the big B-U-T: "What do we not know about the ground realities in Pakistan?" Who kills the innocent people, and kills Indian soldiers? Are they the same people? If not, (and as I am sure they are aware of each others existence), what is the common goal binding them? What are we missing as part of our own single story?


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