The Apple obsession

It has been a while since I had any Apple products. The iPod which my former room-mate had given to me has been with me since then. And I repeat - really awesome sound quality, hard disk space, etc. but maybe I would never buy one myself.

Apple fanboys in general are very defensive about their stuff. Actually, almost all PC users have told me at different times that once you switch to a Macbook, there is no going back. I, for one, never really got used to one. Maybe because I was already too steeped in the Windows interface, or even the Linux Gnome interface, or perhaps simply I missed using the middle finger (ahem ahem) for whatever reason. Another thing that constantly bugs me about the Mac OS is that the programs never really end. That bottom bar keeps getting cluttered more and more, and whenever I used the apple machine I had that gnawing feeling about some weird program eating up my precious memory and CPU cycles. I know, I know - there is enough (and literally plenty) of memory to go around. But then, you know, that nagging feeling never leaves, and the programs at the bottom almost feel like a desk strewn with papers which you must clean up to feel more organized.

The usability apart, my bigger beef against Apple in general is that it is a closed system. There aren't too many variations of the system, its software, etc. - you don't have the luxury of doing everything your own way. There is no Linux in the Mac world. You might have folks young and old swooning over Steve Jobs: I don't like the guy and believe that the prices of these products are obscene and not worth the money in any way. But then it's just me - if you have the money, you might as well just spend it to show a pair of white earphones standing out in a crowd.


  1. I've never seen the big deal with Apple, either. Overpriced, locked down and usually less-feature rich than similar products which are about half the price. And as you said, the interface is something that you cannot "get" if you're used to Windows or even Linux/Gnome/KDE etc. Not worth it, in my opinion, but a nice thing to carry around for "me too Apple" bragging rights.


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