30 GB of raw music and entertainment. Mindblowing sound quality. Status statement and style symbol. A reminder that I too can contribute to the world. A gift from a friend. All that, and much more... my new iPod:

I don't know how your new years have started off, but I sure have had a rocking start to the year!! My home-grown 'Santa' came alive, and I was gifted this beauty sometime between Christmas and New Year! And yes, I wish I could smile a little wider to show how happy I am to have received this gift.

It deserves a little history, perhaps. Lets just say my advice came in handy for my room-mate who was having a few technical difficulties in his office projects. At that time, my only motivation for helping him out with those quirky problems were the challenge itself, a little break at times from the sort of research papers I was grinding through, and of course the fantastic quesadilas he treated me to at the end of the 'consulting sessions', we shall say. Imagine my surprise, then, when he comes up with a nicely wrapped gift on Christmas with a card that says so much, and with something inside that I had secretly planned to buy one day when I had enough money!! I was grinning ear to ear for the whole night --- unbelievable!! :)

I did not dare touch the iPod for a whole day: I just liked the sight of it sitting there and shining and shimmering in the light from the black case. It is like the feeling as a child when you like to smell the new pair of boots you've just bought and don't want to open or use them: you just like them as they are --- even sleep while you clutch them on! And then I opened it, heard the sound, loaded songs... whoa! Mindblowing! Das keeps telling me that I've earned it and that it is rather a bribe in case future technical problems come up and he needs my help. Dear Lord, if this is the kind of gift you can get for helping people out with little problems, then I am prepared to start my official consulting career!!

Whoever said being a geek, a prankster, a tweaker and tinkerer with a sense of adventure doesn't pay obviously never lived my life! Whoever said GNU/Linux doesn't pay never really felt their power. Thanks, Das... I am really overwhelmed, even if you keep repeating that I have earned it. Dear readers... I can 'hear' a great 2007 coming up for me... may you all have a 'blast' of a time this year as well. May your secret desires come true, may the heavens select their choicest blessings to shower on you, and may you surpass your own expectations and set new standards! Have a great time!!


  1. hmmmm I am first this time.

    WOW (bolded and underlined), That was a fantastic way of starting your New Year. What a cool gift, your friend deserves a standing ovation.

    Clap clap clap clap.....

    I will come to about my New year gift on January 11th and I'm anxiously waiting for that. :)

    Let more happy surprises come your way. :)

  2. Great gift Sudipta!!!

    Now I'm jealous :D

    I planned to buy an iPod, then dropped the idea.

    Anyways, enjoy with your new partner(iPod) :P

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  4. it feels really great inside when something of this sort happens in life! a cute gift from a special friend esply when it is unexpected.. i've gone thru this many a times. enjoyyy:)
    happy new year!

  5. Syrals, thanks :) Good luck with your new year gift as well!

    Mansa, that partner thingie sounds a bit suspicious to me! But thanks anyway :)

    Janum, hey, cool screen-name! :P
    Thanks for dropping by... and yes the gift was totally unexpected (although I never understood the word cute) :). You have a great new year too! Will visit your blog now.

  6. You got good friends;-)

    Happy New Year:-)

  7. hey, how fun!! hope you enjoy your cool gift and here's wishing that what you are hearing certainly comes true. hmmm, come to think of it, unexpected gifts and hugs are some of my favorite things :)

  8. MommyOf2, I sure do! :) Thanks and have a great new year yourself!

    Life Lover, thanks. Any sort of unexpected gifts are right up my alley! May you have a thousand unexpected gifts and hugs this year! :)

  9. OMG - I am kicking myself for not reading this first...bhoohooo

    ok aaj se aap mughe apne blog pe sirf aapki taarif karte payenge...( real sugary coated ones) - mein aapka bahut bada "fanwa " hoon...if u don't blv me just look up -kuch ghoom raha hai shayad..!

    pls when u buy " the ipod" pls send that one to me...aapke paas to aagaya..Right !! So spread the chain of frndship...

  10. R, Aare na na... apne aap ko itna bhi laat mat maro. Mauka mile to hum bhi aapko dilaye denge ipod. Takhni tak upar mein ban-ban ghumte rahiyo bas! :)

  11. Oye mauka to manaye jaatein hain...aap kya muhurat ka intezar kar rahein hain....???
    Addreswa likhiye...he he....

    Hum aapke liye "pray" kar rahein hain...

  12. R, karo karo... mujhe zaroorat hai :)


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