Yes, it can be done

Less than a year back, I had tried rock-climbing and fell down to break my bones. It was nasty, and I'd be lying big time if I said that it didn't hurt. So when I went with my colleagues (from my internship) to have some social gathering outside the office, the rock-climbing arena stood like a challenge before me. I took it, and I made it all the way to the top:

Yaay!! It was exciting, but the thrill of reaching the top was really well worth the effort. It was a sort of batman's "Conquer your fear" moment. Oh, letting go of all holds from the top was the most thrilling part, for sure --- you know, you are 30 ft up in the air hanging on to a small ledge and then you suddenly let go and jump down and the rope brings you back gradually! ;)

I was eagerly looking forward to the challenge as the two people before me went up all the way slow and methodically. When my turn came, all those years of fetching cricket balls from neighbour's balconies came handy --- time used to be of the essence since your neck was on the line ;) When I came down, my manager had two things to tell me. One: "You climbed up there like SpiderMan! What made you go so fast?" and Two: "Now I know how you broke your leg" :)

I just had to grin and tell myself, "Yes, it can be done!!".


  1. Just one word:

    Crazy :D


    P.S. Great job by the way, I admire your attempt at taking challenges head on :)

  2. I really never tried it. n i was never the guy who brought balls frm neighbour's balconies, so im scared to try it. but as u say - the conquer ur fear mantra is ringing in my ears, may be i'll try it soon :)

  3. haha i actually feel you for the previous true how one coffee here for my three meals there....tsk tsk..
    i wanna climb...:)

    (thanks for the comments...drop by anytime:) )

  4. Hello there,
    Nice blog.
    Good job with the rock climbing.

    Enjoy reading about grad school experiences. Brought back warm memories. ;--))

  5. Sky, yeah... that 'crazy' part of me has been confirmed by many people, independently! :)

    Maverick, oh well, neither was I all the time! But all the best for your quest!

    Allie, welcome onboard! Yeah that currency suddenly does bite away all the time! Good luck with the climb!

    Strider, first time here? Then of course... a formal welcome! :) And thanks.

    Sk, thanks, and a warm welcome to you too! Grad student life is fun, ain't it? :D

  6. Such a will power. You will achieve whatever you want in life. I wonder if you have chosen a career as sports coach, India's medal tally at international events would have been much much different. :-)

  7. Are you training to become a Superhero, Sudipta? :=p

    ( by the way: a small request - please make your headlines a bit more descriptive. I keep reading this again and again because I am not able to relate the headline with the content (subscribed through Live Bookmarks )

  8. way to go !!!!..n kudos to d spirit u've shown !!!..looks like i've found someone to draw inspiration from which i'm terribly in need at the moment :)-Ms NMA

  9. Alka, right now, the grin on my face is literally ear-to-ear! But the other details of my sporting career are a whole lot different... some other post, maybe! Thanks a ton, anyway!!

    Hari, what do you mean, training to be one? I already am one!! A-STUPID-Man!! :D

    About the titles of the post, well, I thought they were pretty to-the-point! Will try to do better, anyway.

    Miss NMA, merci, madamoiselle! Need to draw inspiration and you're looking at me? Muhahahaa.... zat is terribly entertaining!! :D On a more serious note, though, feel free to bug me anytime via email or IM.

  10. hey, nothing serious with me here so i won't be in need of consoling..newayz i'm obliged by ur 'agony uncle' :)-Ms NMA

  11. good job! i've tried this once and there were a bunch of kids + a few aunties waiting in the line and so I really couldn't concentrate that much ( just kidding, seems like you had tons of fun, do it again, soon! :)

  12. yeah right. you just wanted to impress your manager !!!

    anyways. i quite shocked my husband when i told him that i would climb trees even when i had passed the age of 24 years ...

    and the only reason i stopped was coz i got married and had to come here.

    he very innocently asked me not to try to climb any trees here.

  13. it is difficult in the first shot but then its fun... i rem when i did it for the first time my hands were paining like anything, i took all my weight on hands and was almost hanging on hands, then the instructor told put some weight on legs also :)

    but yeah its fun,n
    Yes, it can be done.... he he he...

  14. > About the titles of the post, well, I thought they were pretty to-the-point! Will try to do better, anyway.

    With due respect, no: "Yes, It can be done" tells me nothing about the actual topic which is rock-climbing.

  15. Ha ha ha ha... Well Done! :P

  16. Miss NMA, "Uncle" mat kaho na! ;)

    Life Lover, oh well, seedha seedha bolo na ke ho nahi paaya! :P Just joking... will surely do this again, mauka mila to!

    Grafxgurl, oh come on!! Why would the manager be impressed with somebody who can scale walls fast? I ain't no trapeze artist, y'know? :D And about the climbing trees bit, hehehhe... maybe you could win some arguments by threatening to climb up the nearest oak? :D

    Dhaval, welcome, buddy! Of course, the hands do take a majority of the weight but the legs were meant to take weight! Will see your place soon.

    Hari, well, the post wasn't so much about rock climbing as about doing it again after having broken my foot. So, I'll disagree! :)

    Naresh, welcome onboard! And thank you, of course.

  17. Well, it's time for some plain speaking: to me it's very irritating to read a title that has no connection with the post content.

    I don't mind the occasional off-topic title, but this kind of title really makes me click on the title again and again just to see what the post is about.

    "Yes it can be done"

    I keep thinking "what can be done?" I mean, it's very unintuitive from a reader's point of view especially one who is subscribed through FF's Live bookmarks feature.

    Sorry for being plain about it. It's just annoying to subscribe via Live Bookmarks and be provided with little clue about the topic under discussion.

    Please think about it. I'm not dissing you for using such titles; I just wanted you to be aware of the issue from a reader's point of view.

  18. I can suggest one kind of title for this post:

    "My experiments with rock-climbing - part II" or "Rock Climbing: my second attempt"

  19. that's great!! Must be a great feeling of achievement am sure.

  20. oh gosh! why would anyone do something like this..:)?

  21. you are truly an inspiration............................

  22. Hari, okay, lets take this offline. Please see the reply to your email. And for the record --- I really appreciate your honest feedback.

    Twilight Fairy, thank you! It was a great feeling, I assure you.

    Pallavi, because their names anagram to A STUPID? :)

    Anonymous, jealous now, are we? :D

  23. Hey, I've not got any e-mail from you yet.

  24. heyyy now i wanna go rock climbing too....but hopefully not break a leg.. :D

  25. Hari, you should be, by now... sorry about the delay.

    Di, oh no you won't: just keep chanting my name all the way to the top! :)

  26. Mommyof2, thanks! :) And long time no see.


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