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Yes, I'm short of time. So I haven't also been able to reply to the comments on the two posts below... but sure as hell am following the discussions :)

Anyway, this is just the last update to this post, as promised. The point being, "Mukhpora kothakar" translates roughly into 'the one with the burnt face', essentially meaning a not-so-handsome monkey. :) So, if you have not actually said the same to some Bengali guy/gal --- you were just saved from a lot of embarrassment. Therefore, I am sure everyone like Pallavi, Sky, Manasi, etc who expressed anguish over me apparently classifying only Bong girls as hot: now you know the reason. And dear Bong girls reading the post, none of you are burnt-face monkeys. Imagine the fun of a guy coming up to you and saying that in all innocence, though: so that you can take pity on him and his well-intentioned attempts at Bengali. Wouldn't you pity him and find him cute? Wouldn't he be scoring a few brownie points? See --- I'm so good. Thats why I posted this! :D

Original post:

P.S. - There is a little update below!!

A couple of interesting things:
  • It turned out that the last guest post was also at the end of a year, much like the last one that was published at the end of the year 2006. This guest post was the last post published on this blog in the Bengali year 1413. We follow the Surya Siddhanta, which in itself is derived from the Saka calendar and we have stepped into the year 1414.
  • By the way, now might be a good time to greet all the hot Bong girls you knew with a very cute Bengali new year greeting. You go up and say, "Mukh-poda kothakar", and you might optionally add a "Shubho Nabobarsho!". Think of all those you never dared speak to at Orkut, those you always shied away from in your college --- now is the chance!! :)
I am swamped with projects and assignments and so there will be very little updates until May here. Also, I doubt if you will be able to get the pronunciation right. So, remember that you can also write "Mukhpora" instead of "Mukhpoda". Remember --- "Mukh-pora kothakar" and an optional, "Shubho Nabobarsho"!

Fellow Bengalis, please don't attack me in the comments section for giving away this little snippet --- my warmest new year greetings to you all. I may be a little late from the start of the month/year, but still better late than never. After all, I am just spreading a little happiness and joy! :)


Update: okay, the same phrase can convey cuteness and such qualities to hot and handsome Bengali guys as well. So, ladies, in case you have your eyes on some hunk of a Bengali dude then now is the time: go for it and wish him proper!


  1. Happy new year... yeah, it's the beginning of the Tamil new year on Saturday for us as well.

  2. Hey long time!! (of course, since I got a chance to comment) :)

    Nice post. Shubho Nabobarsho to you too! :)

    I like the language a lot. Miss listening to my Bengali friend's talks in Bangalore.

  3. Those dreaded exam times eh? Must be enjoying night outs though :D


  4. so non-bong hot girls are not allowed to comment and greeted??;P happy new year

  5. Engineers marte nahi, zinda dafnaye jaate hain, Har 6 nahino mein tarpaye jate hain, Kafan kholke dekho to, wo kabr mein bhi assignment likhte paye jaate hain...
    Shubho Nababarsho. Amar pronam nis.

  6. Hari, thank you and same to you!

    Syrals, yeah long time no comments, of course! My warmest greetings to you too! :)

    Supremus, yeah right --- they are absolutely enjoyable!

    Pallavi, happy new year to you too, dear! About the tart in your comment and all implied meanings, well, lets just say that I am waiting for a particular comment to happen on this post. Once that comes along, I really hope that cloud will be cleared! :)

    Raman, aji abhi hum mare kahaan hain? Shubho Nabobarsho!

  7. Is Orkut like the Indian Friendster?

    Please forgive my ignorance...

  8. whats friendster?
    subho nobo borsho ...
    mukh pora? huh! i didnt get the joke ... god - i never get jokes :(

  9. happy new year!!! shubho nabobarsho, ohhh I am so glad that I am just writing this and not saying it :D agar sunoge to bahot hasoge ;) but I am a willing student when it comes to learning the rasogolla sweet language- bengali :) btw, hope you had a wonderful new years day filled with wishes and scraps from all the hot bengali gals who stole your heart all thru bachpan and jawani ;)

  10. Culture Shiok, hey, welcome onboard! Yes, Orkut is the Indian version of Friendster/Myspace. And don't worry about the ignorance stuff, man... we are all learning!

    Ricercar, Shubho Nabo barsho, of course. Friendster is a sort of Orkut --- a sort of social networking site. And about the joke, don't worry... as I said earlier to Pallavi, I'm waiting for one particular comment. All will clear up after that.

    Life lover, Shubho Nabobarsho to you as well! Nahi hasenge madam, sikha bhi denge. As a start, learn "Mukhpoda kothakar"! Or maybe you could skip that phrase. And about the new years' wishes: wah--wah!! Subhan allah in fact, kya baat kahi hai madam... bas kaash ye sach hoti :)

  11. Okay, so after you mentioned that I could say it to a cute bengali dude, I did. He smiled and asked me out for coffee...thanks sudipto!!!

    Sky ;p

  12. Happy new year to you too! In fact, Tamil new year starts at the same time. It is Sarvajith year for us.

  13. Sky, oh, thank you! Thank you! Now I guess I can give out the secrets some day. Pallavi in particular needs to be appeased. :)

    Alpine Path, thank you, and same to you, of course!!

  14. lol! what do you know! u learn something new everyday :D

  15. I'm a tad bit late- but Happy New Year to you sir.
    PS: I'm not sure you'll remember me; we did communicate a little about a year or so back during the application process.

    Nice to run into here.

  16. Amortya, great to know you here! Happy New Year to you as well... albeit belated. I do have recollections of having talked to you earlier... and it is likewise nice to run into you here.

    Will see your blog soon


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