If I ever need advice

Ladies and gentlemen, the great Sudipta decided to end this year by a guest post on this blog. Many of you have wondered why some females want to murder me after some acquaintance. Well, one of them kindly decided to put her thoughts into words. So without further ado, let me present to you...

*Tra la la ra li re la*
*Drums rolling*
*Curtains rising*


If ever I need advice...

…he is the first person I would turn to NOT. My English teacher always told me this one thing...be precise…if only I could (well she also told me to mind my splellings as well but we will leave that out, spell check hai na?). So for those who lack the time or the inclination to read a post by someone unknown, I think the next sentence would give away the crux of the post. I always believed in Gandhian stance on non violence...until I got to know Sudipto.

Having gotten my acceptance letter from UT Austin, I decided to set up a group to get to know folks I might be spending close to a year of my life with. One fine day, our friend here decided to join the group. My first conversation with him went on for a bit with me assuming him to be a girl *the reason why I typed his name as sudipto*. The first conversation reminds me, he still owes me ice cream for not shooing him out of the group, and am pretty sure he will say I owe HIM ice cream!

As first few conversations go, its mostly about getting to know the other person and people are still on their best behavior or as close to that as they can get. I could see that the boy had a good sense of humor, some wit, sarcasm etc. etc. that made for an interesting conversation. It was a little later I concluded that the very same qualities would get him murdered one day *yes, for those of you who read comments, am the one who wants to use the butcher knife on him*.

Why I have such tender feelings towards him you ask? Well spend a few days talking to him and you will realize that. Let me mention a few, am sure others existing near him will nod their head vigorously. First, he is the king of double meanings - you just can’t talk to the guy without him taking out double meaning in almost every other thing you say. Never expect any ‘tareef’ from him for anything. In fact be wary, be very very wary when he utters a single syllable in yr praise. There is always a catch involved and the moment you fall for the trap he springs at you with sarcasm and yells “gotcha!” *accompanied by lots of evil laughter am sure*

And whatever you do, don’t go to this guy for advice. Go ask Tommy next door, I assure you, you will be better off. Ask this guy for advice and you are bound to hear something totally unrelated to yr woes like “give a big puppy to a random guy” *and it’s not a puppy dog he is talking about*. There were more such gems uttered by him in the last few months but I was too busy imagining ways to pay him back that I forgot to save those.

That however does not mean that he has no good qualities. Am sure he has tons of them, I just haven’t found one in the last 8 months or so of knowing him *he he he*. But since am such a good friend I would say one thing in the end - he does write a nice blog most of the time. Happy Reading.



  1. The 'great' sudipta?? Great?? Great what?? Ha!


  2. scary;-) totally opposite impression from what I get from ur blog;-)

  3. Sky, well, you have to admit this one --- no one else would've dared a guest post like this!

    MommyOf2, Oh, don't believe these scandalous lies!! --- they're just jealous :)

  4. Nice post Sky.I thought Sudipta was a saint. Now i know. The @#$%^&*# :-)

    Sudipta, I was planning to include your name in the list earlier.Anyway, it might come soon.

  5. Junta, all I will say is...jo hota hai woh dikhta nahi and jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi..so beware, yeh jitna zameen ke upar hai usse jyada zameen se neeche!

    Skyster :)

  6. naah sudipta bhai is not that bad ...
    he has always been mentor for me :)
    and there is a lot am learning from him
    though i haven't met him, he has been helping me a lot...
    and bhai, let me be the guest for nxt yr; surely i keep a high ratio of gud to bad ;)... i hope coz i would have surely met him by tht time lol
    bhai u rock !!!
    Varun Jain.

  7. Sajid, eh? So now you believe anonymous comments more than the real genuine man of his word? :) Tsk-tsk, anyway, I'll be waiting for that list soon.

    Sky, you mean I'm as cool as an iceberg? Thanks! :)

    Varun, bhai, thanks a lot! Finally a voice of truth in the pack of lies :) P.S. - Guest post for you promised!

  8. Wishing you a very joyous New Year. Happy 2007. :)

  9. Syrals, thanks... have a great new year ahead yourself, too!

  10. "I would say one thing in the end - he does write a nice blog most of the time"

    I quite agree. I hv read Sudipta's blog off and on, and on those rare occasion hv always found them well written, even though I might not fully agree to the views.

    Happy New Year, Sudipta! Cheers!!

  11. Deepak, thanks, really... you have a great time as well! :)

  12. Hmmm now I understand your statement about why most of the gals you know want to strangle you, thanks to this friend of yours for shedding light on this part of you ;) haha, JK, enjoyed reading the post!

  13. Life lover, well, you just begin to understand, so to say! :)

    P.S. - Ye JK kaun hai?

  14. JK is an abbreviation of Just Kidding. I sometimes make up these weird abbreviations and then forget that only I understand them :p

  15. Life lover, I see... well, from now on I'll understand :)

  16. i might be pretty late in posting this comment. but i am glad that "sky" really sees through your utterly silly sense of humour & sarcasm :) now i have a new member in the kill-sudipto-party :D

    we love you bro!


  17. Reshmi, nobody sees through my sarcasm yet, dear. And you are the perfect sister: one who swears to kill her brother and yet professes undying love! :D


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