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I had a bizzare dream last night. And this morning, I had the great idea of writing about it and converting it into a tag. So, first, let me make the rules (oh I love doing this anytime): the person has to write about 3 of his/her dreams which according to the person are bizzare. And then this tag must be passed onto 5 more people. I rarely have dreams, though... or never actually remember them. But the ones I do remember are mostly bizzare (you'll agree when you finish reading this post). So, it shouldn't be difficult to practice what I preach:

  • Last night, I dreamt this one. I was a shrink (psychiatrist, for the uninitiated), and was in my office. I was having a thought about who all I had been talking to, and suddenly the next patient was announced. I looked up expectantly, and in walked ME!! It was funny noticing the face you see in the mirror everyday walk in like that. I forget what the conversation went like, but apparently I advised him to vent his frustration and anger, and he went about kicking a football in a room full of chinese vases that had appeared out of nowhere. Both the me-s in my dream began to feel better already. However, the vases just stuck to their places even as I kicked them about wildly with the football. I actually woke up to find myself having madly kicked the wall beside me and the wood scraping paint at some points. Even with my broken foot, I think I was happy that I can kick again! :) Anyway... I've been watching too much Frasier lately: maybe that was it.
  • This is another bizzare dream I had, when I was in Mumbai. I had dutifully lined up a long chain of boiled rice grains, and was ironing them with an electric iron. And I was wondering all the time in my dream why each of them spun around as though magnetised each time I touched them, while they randomly started belting out songs at times. I think I recall also bringing a multi-meter to test their polarity in my dreams. Yes, I heard you say that --- "Wierdo!". Well, anyway... I later found out that my room-mate was actually rushing through his music collection on Winamp at approximately the same time.
  • Finally, this one is pretty old; from my school days I guess. I was supposed to change some light bulbs, or so I thought in my dreams. So I carried this ladder with me along a very long corridoor with bulbs dimly glowing from the old British-style holders protruding from the walls. At each one, I stopped, went up the ladder, and after unscrewing the bulb, replaced it with a bright red tomato. Yes you read that right... and I too have no idea why I did that or what was happening. I think I woke up after I had convinced myself in my own dream that this can't be happening and forced myself to wake up! :)

So, any of you descendants of Sigmund Freud out there: please let me know what those were all about. And this time, lets tag some new people with this one. So, what were you dreaming,
  1. Silverlining --- new dance numbers? :D
  2. Life Lover --- oh, don't I love to return a compliment :)
  3. Alpine Path --- yes, your dreams, please... not the wait
  4. Di --- this should be interesting, since you aren't so regular here
  5. Alka --- long long time no posts!
I told you: only the bizzare ones allowed! So, feeling Oedipus-like, anyone? :D


  1. Hehe... nice post!!!
    Well, I was imagining how would the walls appear with the tomatoes instead of light bulbs :)

  2. Manasa, yeah... start dreaming about them! :)

  3. I remember dreams. And i only dream wierd dreams - like ppl skiing inside an airport, or buffaloes on a killing spree on the first floor of a townhouse.... and such :D


    PS: Your second one was really interesting hehehehehe!

  4. i'm always fascinated by how some of our deepest fears and most fanciful fantasies get converted into dreams. analyzing them is something that freud followers would do, enjoying and reminiscing about some of the most unforgettable ones is what i do :)

  5. Supremus, wow!! I wish I had tagged you --- buffaloes in a townhouse sound like soo much fun!! Can you please consider yourself tagged and spread the dream? :)

    Yeah the second one should be a psychiatrist's nightmare! :D

    Life lover, yeah, thats what they say about the dreams. So, any ideas what these three dreams were supposed to represent?

  6. Ok - don't place too much importance about the its good to have them ( however 3 in so many years is you compare with people who don't get them..

    Last 1 was easy to crack -

    Tomato/bulb ones - Do you recall "Chacha Chowdhary" with mind like Bulb...ok here is the connection. Your mind is starved of nutrition and going thru lack of eat tomatoes & get your mind working again...simple!!

    Feeling better already...ok and that would cost you some odd 100 $...u know for this expert consultancy.Don't worry on wire transfer next time I visit US will collect from you.

  7. R, not 3 in as many years... these are the mentionable ones :)

    And I am simply floored by your analysis: wow! You should do graduate studies in Psychology! :D

  8. what these 3 dreams meant? hmmm, let me finish those 17 books on dream analysis first and then i'll tell you, hehe, just kidding!

    well, i guess the first one seems a lot like self introspection, which we subconsciously do at the dream you were just trying to understand yourself a little bit more? its true that we all know some of our deepest fears and weaknesses but we dont always accept them and i guess dreams help us do that.

    about your tomato dream and the rice grain dream all i can come up with is---were you really hungry when you went of to sleep? why else would you dream of rice and tomatoes, maybe you were trying to make rasam in your dream! shheeesh enuf :)

    my logical brain is useless when it comes to psycho analysis lol :)

  9. Life lover, yes I believe your interpretation of the first dream to some extent: that maybe true! But me hungry enough to dream of ripe tomatoes?? Rasam in my dreams? Please don't scare me... your psycho (analysis) is more than welcome, though ;)

  10. Mommyof2, :) You can take up the tag yourself!

  11. Arre im trying so hard but just not dreamin anything complete!! :(( will post something as soon as I remember them..pakka...
    and I am currently reading Sigmund Freud!!! so hope it helps me remember my dreams :D


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