Little Boy and Fat Man

"Bus kuchh kilo ka sawaal hai.. abhi to mai jawaan hoon"

Those lyrics, probably, were written after the guy saw me somewhere. Just a few kilos.. thats all!! They make a difference between me reaching the end of a little dash full and active and me reaching the end of a little dash all huffing and puffing and wishing that the world would stop for a few seconds and let me catch my breath.

I actually do not feel myself to be so, shall we say, "endowed", in my mind. It just comes back to me when I try to get in those trousers, when I tuck my belly in and hold my breath, or when I look at myself in the mirror. A friend just told me, "You look like someone familiar every time I meet you... you kind-of blow up every time". And it was a lady :(( Well, yes, things were ok till the time I was being told this by friends. I used to be cursed constantly when my roomies were forced to share a seat with me on the office bus... one guy almost always held on to whatever was left of the aisle seat for dear life. I also used to be blessed for finishing up all leftovers at team pizza lunches or even at dinner times with roomies. Well, yes, things were good till then.

But then I reached Scotland. And lapped up all the chicken, turkey, lamb, butter and cheese it had to offer. And the chocolates were awesome! Oh, did I mention the ice creams and free hot chocolate drinks? So I have now become this meatball on the move... and things were good even then. But then this time, as I reached home, even they said that I was getting more fat than desired. :(( So things are not so favourable anymore.

People ask me, why and how do you eat so much? The answer, as I have told so many times, is actually in the mind. There is a huge... HUGE gap between when I am satisfied (had enough) and I am full (can't take any more). So after I've had my meal, which is quite something, there are invariably some leftovers from others or the common bowl. And then all eyes turn to me, some smiling faces, some stifled grins... and I reach out for the curry bowl with a smiling face. It is always good to be eating.

Did I try reducing the flab? Sure as hell I did. But then... there are a thousand excuses not to be going to the gym tomorrow. And getting up in the morning and running? I don't remember the last time I saw the sun rise. Come on, it is different to be on the football field chasing the ball.. you don't notice that you are running. But running just for the sake of it is different, and difficult. But I know that all I need is a rigourous routine in my life... I am headed to the University of Texas at Austin for my MS in CS (which I plan to get converted to a PhD), and I know that I will get back to shape in a few months... so fiqar not :)

So while this little boy has grown to be a fat man from outside, the inside did not change. Abhi to mai jawaan hoon... aur hum mote hain to kya hua dilwale hain!! Before I conclude, let me tell you what my grandmother thought as she tried to wake me from sleep and I just groaned to go out and run one morning: "Oh.. poor boy.. has come back from work after such a long time... let him sleep". So you see.. a lot of time and space separate me and those calories. And I am feeling hungry, and sleepy... and more hungry. God bless food!


  1. Hi Sudipta

    Good to see u back...hey I just want to add to ur blog that atleast u are happy in one way that u ate and became "lil bulky" but I am really trying hard to follow a diet with no sugar, aloo etc etc but still cant manage...of course we do resemble in that gym going manners.... :)
    But its true u will be back to ur old self once u join ur course... :)

  2. each and every moment of this post read felt like my story being told on the blog space... just convert the man into a woman, okk?

    apni hi kahani padhi aur lagaa... abhi to main bhi jawaan hoon... haha.

  3. Oindrilla, I don't think while I am devouring things ... I start to worry after that.

    P.S.- thanks for the good wishes about after I join !! :)

    Sunshine, really? Want to stand on opposite sides of a scale one day?

  4. > I am headed to the University of > Texas at Austin for my MS in CS
    Congratulations dude...

    Seriously, how do you manage to eat so much :D

  5. Hey, I'm moving to Mumbai later this month. I was expecting some pointers on some good eating joints in Mumbai.

  6. Sajid, thanks for the good wishes about the admit. About how I manage to eat so much, well, umm... trade secret! :D

    Food joints in Mumbai? More than you can wish for!

  7. Join the fat people club, SC! And if you think going to the US will trim you...

    Achha, incidentally, where are you from from before Scotland? I'm not sure if you're a Cal person, so...

  8. Rimi, welcome aboard! So you mean to tell me that going to the US will not trim me up? Tsch-tsch... I was kind-a banking on it :(

    And I am not a Calcutta person, per se. I am basically from Asansol, and haev been working in Mumbai from July '04 before being sent to Scotland.

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  10. Hey Don't crib so much man, the rigourous studies (which you're heading to) are bound to get you Back to Shape.
    And anyway everyone has compunctions abt his/her Diet/exercise habits, the Thin guys wanna be Fat(Yours Truly) and the fat ppl wanna be slim...

  11. Vivekanand, alas! God should have designed a simple transfer mechanism :)

    And thanks for reminding me that I am on my way back to shape!

  12. "So I have now become this meatball on the move."

    -- LOL; so u've tasted the good life eh? Sorry got late in coming to post a comment on this article, was busy sorting out bugs on mine hehehe!

    Waise, you are more likelier to put on weight with uncle sam - u see, french fries with cheddar cheese and sour cream (YUMM!) is hard to resist! Its only when you realize that the small bowl packed in a good 3k+ calories, will you know hehehehe :P

    Saying that I lost 50pounds last year, staying in US, eating all the good food, proving even my ummm... geoffry boycott's granmother wrong :D

    BTW, US Austin is an excellent choice!


  13. Supremus, you actually apologised for being late in commenting here? Wow!! THANKS A LOT

    Ok.. so now you say that Uncle Sam is not exactly a gym to be in.. :((

    But yes... have tasted the cheddar cheese and sour cream and chips in Scotland... mmmmmm ... lets not further increase temptation!!

    And so you lost 50 pounds??? Whew! I want your diet please!!


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