30 days later

So I picked up the task of blogging for 30 days straight. As you might know, I have tried to follow the letter of the law: I have posted some regular write-ups during the course of this time. I have put in some placefillers as videos, and even put in some "nothing" posts just to make a post for the day. I have also slipped in my schedule during the end of this stretch - even back-dated posts and videos were not posted. Overall: blogged 24 times out of the scheduled 30. 11 of these 24 posts were placefillers, and 13 were regular posts. I do plan on adding 6 other videos or songs on to the list to make up for the lost days.

What good has come of this, you may ask. Well, if nothing else - it has broken off my writers block! I think that was the real intent of this exercise: to get you started on whatever you wish to be doing. And this worked for me! Similar to the Star Trek commander training exercise where the purpose of the test is not to be able to defeat the system but to understand what it feels like to be under pressure, I think the purpose of this exercise was to get into the habit of posting something regularly - which is something I have done. I don't feel guilty posting the rest of the placefillers just to make sure there _IS_ something for 30 days :)

It certainly feels good to be back! :)


  1. Yes, blogging is certainly a habit that you can lose if you stop doing it religiously and consistently. While I avoid writing a big deal these days, I find that it helps to think out a topic, chalk out the points you want to make (mentally at least) and start writing right away.

    Sometimes too much thinking will kill spontaneity which is the life-blood of personal blogging.


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