Where, oh where, is the regular post?

So some people  have been telling me, that posting just a song or a TED video is not fair. That does not constitute a "regular" post, you say. Well, it _IS_ a real post, if I say so. And that is because, I say so - I am the blogger who posted those!

This post, also, technically is not a regular post. Although I'd say it is. See, the purpose of this 30-day blogging marathon is to get out of the writer's block. I think I am out of it. But this constant pressure to write something everyday isn't fair. You have a life, so do I. And writing so much isn't possible.

But the important thing is that I am still posting stuff. The post that I am writing now could have been a final summary post, you know, at the end of 30 days. But screw that! I have just realized that holding on to an idea, a post, or just a thought in the head that wants to be expressed isn't good. In fact, the pursuit of a "spectacular" post can lead to the death of the post itself. When I reflect back, I think this was the reason that "choked" my blogging. The pursuit of a great post led to a lack of posts. Meh, no longer.

I have a suspicion that I am past my 24 hour deadline to post this. So I'll probably turn the clock back a bit as well just to make sure  :)


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