Night out, again

Reference: Confessions of an all-nighter

Yes - I am posting this at 9:30 am.

Yes - I am happy and elated.

No - the achievement is different this time: haven't written down 1000 lines of code

Yes - it was productive work, and I have learned to use a new software which will be useful for me for a long time to come.

No - nobody clapped for me at 7:30 am this time either! :(

Yes - this post (like the last one) is technically a cop-out: not those ponder - laugh - hate - ponder ones I usually post.

Yes - I still want to continue my quest to report success to myself.

And yes, many many more posts are coming.


  1. Congratulations! Of late, whenever I return from work on fridays (when my weekend starts), I buy myself chocolates because of being able to 'finish' yet another week 'successfully'. I guess, it is the same sense of accomplishment you're feeling. :) So, enjoy & pamper yourself. :D

  2. Ketan, thank you! :) Ahh the joys of being able to afford chocolate yourself! I was so happy when I earned for the first time that I straight off went and bought some chocolates. So I'd wish you likewise: enjoy and pamper yourself! :)


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