Lay down all your cards on the table

I wish life worked the way I want it to. I wish everyone was transparent, honest, and open about their shortcomings. I wish two people collaborating would work towards a single goal with unified vision and passion, not hankering over who gets what piece. I wish business and collaboration did not mean shams, or overpricing yourself and your value. I wish word of mouth meant an agreement set in stone, where people feel responsible for what they have promised.

I wish that people should acknowledge the work others have done before plagiarizing. That recognition for work done should not mean beating one's drum at all times regardless of who actually did the work. I wish people will not hold on to critical information just to create their own value. I want people to open up, and help people with all and everything at their disposal with nothing but a singular vision of success in mind.

I don't like false pretenses. I don't like subtle hints and innuendos that are meant to establish superiority. In fact, I don't like any social faux pas at all - there shouldn't be any. I want all of us to be accepting and understanding of all cultures and beliefs - I don't like the snobbish snooty tone of anyone sneering at anybody.

In my ideal world, I want humble people to live. People who would give up their slots in the batting order for someone who is more important to the team itself. I want people who would be unashamed in not charging money for any little bit of help they can do to others. In my ideal world, people would just lay down all the cards on the table and just select the best cards from the deck, voluntarily.


  1. I loved the Utopia world you created here..

  2. Ady, thanks, and welcome to the blog! :)

  3. Brilliant ! Your write-up mirrors my own thoughts on so many things ; it felt wonderful reading through your blog. Keep it going :)

    1. Thank you, Priti - such is life :) Your comment made my day.


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