Dear footballers - please become men again

If there is one sport in my mind, where it is simple non-stop adrenaline where one has to be both tough and skillful at the same time, it is football. No, I am not talking about American football here - neither do I want to call it "soccer" as that word seems to take away the glory from the sport. I would let John Cleese clarify this detail before I speak my own mind about football itself:

I do have an appeal, however, to all the modern heroes of this game: please grow some balls and become men again. See, otherwise it becomes difficult to call you a hero.

The strange thing is, when a child is growing up, the act of faking an injury never comes naturally to him. However, suddenly on the day when the school is playing another, or even just Class VII section A is playing section B, people start dropping left and right, writhing in agony. Tough guys who would easily take a blow from a hammer to their shin bone without showing the slightest pain suddenly become these pansy weepy crawlies who have to complain at the slightest provocation. And sometimes, you don't even need provocation. Depending on whether the referee is nearby, even a ball passing from five feet away is enough to cause you to go down and start rolling around with your knee clutched between your palms.

Come on, folks - grow some balls! I know that every other team in the world is doing it. But you are sportsmen! Since when have you cared about weaklings? For a change, let us have a coach and some players who can stand up and be men. Take the hit, but don't show weakness. Prove to the other players that indeed putting up such sham acts are nothing but a sign of collective weakness that is unbecoming of you! You look more like precious ballerinas hit by some rose petals than macho men gritting it out in the dirt - you are just a bunch of pathetic losers who have lost your moral compass. Grow a pair, fellas - and let's see the real face of a game. Otherwise, videos like these will be more common than football highlights, leaving fans like me crying with you at your own lack of balls:


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