Yes, the wait is over

Fellas, thanks to all of you who have been patiently visiting this blog all this while. This again is a placefiller to let you know that I shall begin posting this weekend onwards.Maoists, [scumbag] Kasab, marriage, ideas on education... all in the works! :)


  1. I feel cheated!! Came here for a blog and you throw a place-filler...I say mutiny!!! Write write write you must!

    Sky :)

  2. Well, welcome back. I had tried to comment on your last post, but something glitchy came up. So anyway, congratulations as well. :)

  3. Welcome back. Can't wait to go through your rollicking posts!!!

  4. Sky, as you ordered, madam... :)

    Alice, thank you. Do keep commenting, please :)

    Anon, that was very encouraging... thank you! :)


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