Just in case you are checking for updates

Just in case you are checking for updates on the blog, dear reader, here is a placefiller. Have been busy with my wedding, as I mentioned earlier. Thanks a ton to everyone who sent emails and good wishes on Orkut/Facebook... thanks a bunch. Due to the hiatus, some new ideas have spawned in my head which I will be writing on soon. Met Sayesha Bhai on the way here... she is every bit as crazy as she seems on the blog. :P And God bless the institution of marriage.. have been treated like a king ever since I landed here. :)


  1. Congrats, bhai!!!
    I read this post and mailed you :)

  2. Congrats!! So how's married life? I'm guessing the number of posts is gonna decrease now on...

  3. rtfgvb786, interesting login name. Thank you and welcome to the blog.

    Jabber, welcome onboard! Yeah things have gone down. But I'll be updating regularly (I hope) from now on.


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