Move it, fatso

One of these days I was dusting a weighing scale we have in our kitchen and thought it would be a good idea to find out my weight after all the stuff I eat and all the excuses I find for not going to the gym/jogging/playing after work. I don't wish to tell you my weight at present, but lets just say I heard a faint cracking sound when I stepped on it. :P So this is mostly a motivational post aimed at myself.
You know I am talking to you. Don't step back and take that smug air that this article is aimed at someone else who really needs exercise. Yes - face it. You need it, fatso! It is you who needs to get out and jog, not someone else.

We've all heard your dinner table conversations about how you need to exercise. "Seriously, I need to get some exercise - this fat is not good", you keep repeating. Or you say "Oh my stamina is getting low, I know... lets make a plan and start from next week". You liar - you filthy cowardly liar: you are lying to yourself. Move it, get out there and do something.

Feel alive, gentlemen! Get out there and smash something! Stop going into that pile of boredom, of the stupor you're slipping into every day. Wake up, wake up! All those excuses are bullshit! Yeah we know you've worked hard all day at your desk. Yes we know there is stuff to be done, emails to be answered, people to be called, clothes to be put to laundry, and so on and so forth. Is your miserable life limited to that? Is that all you can think of as the summary of your life - answering emails and doing laundry? Are you so much in awe of yourself that you are doing exactly what others have asked you to do? Get over with it. Stop bothering about what needs to be done for everyone else. Do something for yourself!

You don't need the gym, you don't need the treadmill, and you don't need the joggers' park either. Those are little sponge-covered amusement parks for children. Have you become so much of a daddy's little girl that you must only play inside the little kitty park where you've been asked to? Get up, man! Go run around the building. Pick a fight! Fight against yourself, fight against your inner sloth. Take up the reins, proclaim that you are in charge of what becomes of you. Let all else go to hell. Take a cycle and just race - race fast, race against yourself. Feel the thrill. Feel the blood in your veins. Give up the delusion that all is good. All isn't good. Go out there, work a sweat, breathe! Thats right - breathe with your lung full, breathe in gasps, breathe like you need the air, breathe with flared nostrils, breathe like you can empty the air around you!

Remember how it used to feel like when you used to come back from the field after a passionate afternoon of football? Remember the thrill of the fight, the chase after the ball, the thumping heart, the tense sinews and the gritted teeth? What are you doing now? How are you lost? Yes you namby pamby wad of fat - do it! Get up, get up, get up - walk out through that door, and just walk for a mile. You don't need a reason to leave the desk for fifteen minutes: just do it and bother about the reason later on. No the time of your life isn't over. It is there - it is right there beside you. Grab it! You are only as old as you think yourself to be. Leave your desk, leave all those comments and remarks from others behind. Boo hoo to them - let whoever is judging you go to hell. Stop giving a damn about those losers - it is your life! You need to take action. Step up to the challenge, go out there and prove to yourself that you can do it. Take chances, take one chance. Don't even bother about running or jogging. Can you take those first steps? Lets see it - lets see your manliness in action. Yes this moment. Now, right now. It is now or never. Right now. End of post. If you have the balls, go out there, walk briskly, for just ten minutes, and walk back. Feel the rush. Can you?


  1. "You are only as old as you think yourself to be."
    So true, so true! Btw, did you start on your exercise routine? :D

  2. Hehehehe...all the best! Get some dedicated exercise buddy, that always helps....

  3. After reading this I realized I have never seen you. How many of the posters here have actually seen you/your photo? So why not show us a photo of yourself?

    PS- are you really fat? :P

  4. Alpine Path, I have indeed... proudly some time back! :)

    Richa, thank you. And I believe Karate lessons also help :)

    Neeraj, It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.-- Mark Twain :) Actually there are a few photos of me from long back (you'll have to search the archives). Since then I've gone through many cycles of thin and fat. At present, I'm in much better shape than some of those, thankfully :)

  5. Navin Sadarangani9:20 AM, August 15, 2009

    Nice post. It's sad that most of today's entertainment, sports, ways of living is indoors than outdoors. We need to do the act of 'history repeating'!

  6. Navin, welcome onboard! I do think that at least in India we wouldn't be facing any histories of obesity, repeating or not :)

  7. Hehe Sudipta. Given that I am a relatively new reader of your blog, there is a hell lot to plough through. I am on that trail now! I really liked the cleaning your bed sheet post...I can relate very closely with it having just completed my engineering!

  8. Neeraj, thank you so much! :) One more person reading the archives - man, I feel popular! :D :D And yes, that washing your bedsheet post was written when I too was fresh out of engineering college.

  9. hehe...full credit to you. your posts are beautifully simple with no pomp. Thats what keeps readers glued I suppose.

    What I also forgot to mention earlier is the little bit of immaturity in the posts from 3-4 years ago. I feel exactly that way about some of my older posts. :)

  10. so how is it going? :)


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