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Hi fellas,

  I need an ego boost, seriously. So if you are reading this, please drop a comment. Even if to say "hi" or "never commented - like your blog", etc. Other things like what you like in the posts, what more you wish to see here, and what can be done better around here: please, anything... even if you are one of those hunting for a link back at any cost. Just say "aye".

 Cheer me up, and I promise I have some cool ideas waiting to be converted into posts! :)


  1. I just chanced upon your blog by accident, and somehow could not ignore your plea for a Hi. So well...Hey there..! And I did read the last two posts, pretty neat I must say :)

  2. HI There!

    This blog is your baby and you want others motivation to gear up your motivation? I think this blog is your identity and you should forget about the world and write...that is when your posts are truly original.

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  4. Hi

    If I remember right I chanced upon your blog to get the translation of a Tagore song I wanted. When I really like a blog I sit and read through the whole thing top to bottom till I'm done, and that's what I did with yours. Very thought provoking.

    I usually don't comment on blogs unless I have a reason to; somehow your plea was reason enough. :)

  5. Hi bhaiyya,

    I was one of those people who had 'disappeared into a void' when you had kindly replied to a query of mine. I have felt guilt since.

    I have always liked your academics-related posts. Maybe on those lines. Only suggesting.


  6. I read you regularly. Never commented. You write real good. Carry on :)

  7. And now I am on a spree of reading your blog. Very nice posts. Good work.

  8. aye aye from brunei...another regular that never comments :P~

    Love your writing :)

  9. aye! have been reading your blog for years now and it has never failed to prove worthwhile! thanks for writing such a good blog. there! does that feel better? :)

  10. Hello,

    I don't comment unless I seriously disagree with what you say. So far that has been once or maybe twice. But I really like reading your posts ( even though I don't comment on the ones I like ). So keep going.

    Oh, and AYE!!

  11. Hey!
    Hi!! :--))
    Long time!

    Do write more often!

  12. Awesome posts dude to say the least.... Continue writing..

  13. hey sudipta,

    love some of your funny posts.. so get over the writers' block and keep writing.


  14. Sandhya, thanks! :) And welcome onboard, of course..

    Summi, yeah thats true. But sometimes even if I want to write I feel too lazy. Needed comments like yours to get up and write. Welcome to the blog :)

    Suchitra, I'm guessing its the "amar mukti aloy aloy" song. And thanks a ton for hearing my plea! :) Welcome onboard!

    Rahul, oh thank you so much. No problemo - have some such posts in mind as well.

    Mohan, oh cool... thanks! Welcome onboard! :)

    Sandhya, oooh ossum! Am feeling so much better already.

    Ashes, aye aye, madam! :) Thanks a ton... and welcome!

    Ricercar, oh yes of course... glad to hear from you again! :) Your blog had become by-invitation-only and had to stop reading for a while :( Can you please send me an invite?

    Anonymous, now, thats a new one. :) Oh well... welcome anyway! :)

    SK, hey!! Thanks... will do! :)

    Anonymous, oh thank you so much... cheers! :)

    Sweet Alien, :) Thanks!

    Alpine Path, it is indeed, ma'am... good to hear from you again.

  15. Hey! Don't worry be happy yaar. Life is too short to take anything seriously and all that crap...

    Just saying Hi and keep up with the blog. Its a refreshing blog.

  16. Hi Sudipta,

    I am a regular reader to all your posts and i think they're really good, intriguing and interesting on the various topics that you cover.
    Keep it going, you're spreading some good positive vibrations all across :-)
    Love and Regards,
    Navin Sadarangani

  17. I didn't remember/know I had you on Google reader till I saw this post. So, post?

  18. I follow your blog regularly, but never comment. But this time could not ignore your plea as would like to see more of your wirtings..

  19. Okay, for one, this has got your comments count up and kicking. For two, what is this about? For three, you know now how many many people read and/or care for your blog. For five, "No one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them to." (--Princess Diaries). For six, I don't remember the last time you posted something on sports. For seven, I would love to see a sci-fi post or at least a thriller story on you blog, just for the heck of finding out how good a story-writer you are. (That story about a child that won you a first prize was a great one, by the way.) For eight, your posts have provided a lot of inspiration to me on many occasions. I would hate to see them stop. For nine, you have a great sense of humour. For ten, all the above reasons are reason enough why you should keep writing.

  20. For four, sorry I missed this one. AYE!

  21. Hey..I am guilty of visiting ur blog often but never commenting...I like your blog so much that I remember the URL and never felt the need to bookmark it... Keep writing...

  22. Hi...
    I'm a long time reader though i never commented. But since you asked:
    Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi........ :)

  23. hey..... kya hua bhai??? since when did ur ego needed a boost???

  24. Richa, :) Thanks... not worried about anything. Just a writers' block I think.

    Navin, thanks a ton! And welcome onboard, of course :)

    Shrinidhi, :) thanks.

    Purely Narcotic, whoa... thanks! :) And welcome.

    Anonymous, thank you so much! :)

    Arunava, aye aye, sire! And thank you so much :) I think #1 and #3 were the biggest reasons. And about the sci-fi thriller... you got it: it has been in the works for some time (a draft, that is). I'll publish it within the next few posts.

    Anonymous, wow, thats a first! :) Thank you so much.

    Akilan, cheers, mate! :)

    Cyanoguy, aare kuchh nahi: all's well! :) Welcome onboard.

  25. Hi there!

    was away for sometime so could not read your recent blogs.. but certainly when i logged in today, this was not the post i was expecting to read :)
    hope you have got the required booster for ur drooping morale since the comment count says arnd 26 voices! :)
    hope i can expect to see your writing back on track next time! keep blogging :)

  26. Due to corporate policies, I no longer comment on your blog; by not commenting on your blog saves a few minutes of my productivity (which is anyways questionable, nonetheless), thereby saving $$$ annually, all counting towards our next generation global expenditure cut program :P :P


  27. Hey, I came across your blog a few weeks back and read most of your posts, but never have a pretty cool blog I must say...

    Here is your needed boost to encourage you to write the posts you mentioned above...
    So feeling any better????

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  29. I am stumped.Seriously.I never knew Sun wants motivation to rise up next day.

    Come on dada, I don't want you to write for people and be a joker.I hang out here because its your place not peoples' orchestra.

    Just write something fantabulous that compels them to comment.

    Btw.I ll be a loyal reader till your bones retire.You are a class.

    Stay You,

  30. Nah, this is not like you.
    what happened to you?
    you write wonderfully and yours has been a blog that i have been following with great curiosity and awe.
    But i know we all go thru these phases and i have done one such exercise very recently on my blog, it was a little different though.
    bring us more stuff from that brilliant pen of urs.

  31. Hey,

    I have been reading your blogs for a couple of years now. I have always loved every post, laughed incessantly at some of the funny posts.

  32. Tanwistha, yes, thank you - all cylinders boosted, oiled and firing! :)

    Supremus, I'm sure the corporate is going to be happy to read about your questionable productivity :D

    Splash Press, hey.. welcome onboard! And yes, I'm feeling better! :)

    Vinay, :) thanks... you're too kind. I'll keep posting.

    Mampi, aye, madam... will do. :)

    Mish, hehe... thanks, and welcome onboard!

  33. Aye from Ann Arbor!
    Have been following your blog for a long time now. A perfect break from grad school life (as are phdcomics and xkcd).

    Hope you remember me though!

  34. Shiwali, aye, madam.. and yes I do remember you. Lets catch up some time. And thanks :)

  35. Hey, a very late Hi!...
    was on vacation and hence was away from net...
    Still waiting for reply to mail hehe...

  36. Missed out on this one.. Let me add to the long list of Ayes'..

  37. Varun bhai, thanks yaar. Oh so there is an email pending? Darned... I'll look, promise! :)

    Jeevan, thanks... I think this has become the most-commented post, yes :)

  38. Been reading your Blog for a long time now.. thoroughly entertaining !!

  39. DJ, thank you so much for making this the highest commented thread ever! :) And in case I haven't welcomed you yet, welcome aboard! :)

  40. Aye! I came in too late after this post.. alright I admit it, more than a month after it infact. Have visited this place a lot, but only just thought of de-lurking. Hope you are a lot more cheered since in the last month . :)

    Had to post as anon.. my wordpress profile wouldn't let me comment.

  41. Alice-in-wonder, thank you so much! :) You just made my day.

  42. Aye!

    I keep reading your blog sporadically... Haven't commented enough though... So just left comments on some of your latest ones.

    Keep penning! Cheers!

  43. Ships, :) yes I know - thanks a ton! :)


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