God and the colonial master

A colonial master expects absolute loyalty from his serfs. The feudal lord is not so easy to please. You must bow whenever he passes while you toil away in the field. And you must graciously accept whatever he gives to you. Thank him before everything you do, thank him when you wake up, thank him when you go to sleep. The lands, the air, the water — he owns them all.You must consider your great luck and blessings every time you get the minutest help. Your son got better from fever? Thank you, master. Did you just eat a hearty meal? Thank you, master.

And don't you dare complain that your son got ill because there were mosquitoes around. Isn't it enought that your son is still alive? It could have been much worse! Thank your master for that. So what if the master never took care enough to clean the drains and stop the mosquitoes from breeding? Or the fact that he could have given you good food every day so that the only day of the month you get to eat one full meal, you don't need to feel satisfied and thankful. But what can one do... its the whimsical master. He's like a child, they say. When he might have his good grace on you, you never know. Some people toil for their whole lives to see the master even once; some others just happen to see him. Some people claim to have a special connection to him. You pay them little fees and they can report your petty woes to the master, or so they claim. But what can you do about it - the master knows it all. He's the generous one who lets you live, blesses you with the air you breathe, the trees you see around you, the animals, the flowers.

He does kill one or two of your fellow brethren at times. What can you do - you're slaves. And of course, they deserve it! They left that speck of dirt on the master's shoe; could not clean it properly. The master will look improper when he kills those to who dared question his ways. Blasphemous, I tell you! The master has impeccable manners. He wears propely ironed clothes, eats a proper breakfast, and rules his empire. The master is just. He killed your neighbour's son because that dude dared make a pass at your daughter. He kills your daughter because her honour was tainted when that dude looked at her. What can you do, the master is almighty.


  1. reminded me of the title song of the movie 'khuda ke liye' :)

  2. Saphire, thanks. And welcome onboard, of course. :) Will visit your place soon.


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