Inspired by this: Amar praner manush

There is chaos all around. So many thoughts, worries and feelings; all quarreling with one another. Some distant thoughts long lost have found their way into your psyche, adding to the menagerie. Somehow, all arguments, counter-arguments and silence have all decided that today is the day to speak up, in unison. The sole thread of thought you had in mind is lost somewhere in the madness. And desperation leads to despair. The melody of yesterday becomes a discordant note. The churning, twisting splinter of your own thoughts becomes an inferno engulfing the rest. It is madness, it is fire, it is rage everywhere. And you seek the truth, the solace -- the one thing that you think will set you free. Your quest for enlightenment begins.

But then, the epiphany strikes. Like a madman finding his treasure, the heart leaps with joy. Suddenly, the worries do not matter any more. They are trivial, compared to the joy you've found. Like rediscovering the mirth of a little kid who has found a shiny pebble, you wish to hop and skip around. Or maybe just run across the road from one end to another for no reason. You're happy... the world around you seems happy. There is a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eye. There is no more gloom, no despair; your infective smile seems to spread cheer. At this moment, if you played the guitar, you just know that you will hit all the right notes. If you sing, you will voice the exact crests and troughs you hear in your head. The saddest thoughts now sing the sweetest songs in your head. It is a time of joy, a time of merry. Like your crush of a thousand ages has said yes to your proposal, like you've had the thrill of your first kiss. It courses through your veins, as if your favourite song is being played at the bar and you want to get up and dance. So what if someone looks at you cock-eyed? Who cares? Let them look, let them stare -- tonight is your night, your time to revel in your own glee. Let there be evil, let there be good; today you don't care. It is the day when the lover in you cries, the poet in you dreams. You can throw caution to the winds, you can leap from the highest peak, you can kick off your shoes and dance. It is all trivial. The prince has won his war, the princess has found the perfect mirror. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful. There is mirth in your soul.


  1. nice. i am waiting for such a transition..

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  3. wow... well written :) hey.. me blog hopped here.. like the place :P will visit

  4. :)
    It IS a nice place innit? I've been there before, and am getting there again.


  5. Umm... er... you are getting overly romantic, ain't it?

    Or, well... being a geek myself, I might be overly biased.

  6. .... At this moment, if you sat down to write a blog, you just know that you will put down all the right words at the right places, creating a masterpiece and that one small paragraph would be enough to convey the sublimity of your feelings...

  7. Gradwolf, all the best!

    Elithraniel, welcome onboard! Thanks... do visit! :)

    Rads, it sure is! All the best! :)

    Hari, it never hurt anybody! :)

    Arunava, :) thank you!


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