The name's Bond

About a year and a half back, I participated in a clinical research trial that paid me $350 for taking out my wisdom tooth: which was paining pretty badly at that time. I figured that instead of paying a dentist $200, I'd rather get this done for free and get some money with that as well. They were developing a pain medication and wanted to test the drug on patients. It went fine... I was pretty impressed with the drug since my pain dropped from 8/10 just after the surgery to 2/10 in an hour or two. I forgot all about it until they sent me a letter this Saturday thanking me for participating. The next paragraph in that letter told me that I was given a placebo: no actual painkillers. Meaning, I practically got my wisdom tooth extracted without any anesthetic. You only have to convince me that the job is possible: the rest is always mind over matter. Like I said, the name's Bond. :)

P.S. - For those of you who thought the Hum Tum style "Bond, James Bond" way of introducing yourself to a girl on an aeroplane is stupid, you wouldn't believe how tempting it is when you're in that situation. I was traveling back this December when the lady on the next seat turned out to be a Bengali lady traveling back home all the way till Kolkata. It was soo.... sooo tempting! But had to settle for my real nice name. And before all ye smirky fellas begin to extrapolate, she was going home to get married the next day. Oh yes, within 16 hours of first meeting me, she did swear to kill me! By the way, the other problem with the James Bond introduction is that you might end up being called Dentarthurdent.


  1. Lol! Better than Chatterji, Sudipta Chatterji. She'll be asleep by the time you finish introducing yourself. :D

  2. oh my god!!! I can't believe it!!! haha that must've come as a shock!!! :D i have two wisdom teeth to remove .. been thinking to do it since 2002 and still haven't :D .... let's see how much longer i can give 'em. they've stopped hurting now though. given up on me I assume. hehe

  3. lol!..:)..I went to dental research trial for $30 and found that I had a decaying tooth, a root canal was necessary, the doc said. He also said it couldn't wait anymore. I ended up coughing up 500$ from my own pocket to get the root canal done.:(..all loss only..:(

  4. The UnBonding of your tooth and the bonus(es) alongwith it were more impressive than the Bond, james Bond intro,
    Good one

  5. I have an idea for you, how abt...
    "Hello, am Sudipta...Sudipta Chatterji...naam toh padha hi hoga...BLOG par... aur agar nahi toh google it!" :P :D

  6. That is one of a trial you went to! Maybe mind does rule over the body.
    And, 'Bond' introduction always breaks the ice I guess. :)

  7. Galadriel, yep... that is why whenever I introduce myself to anyone who can't pronounce my name, I tell them, "Call me Su" :)

    Roop Rai, yep... the engineers' policy: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Anu, Ouch! :( BTW, welcome onboard.

    Manpreet, thank you! See... someone was impressed :)

    Varun, yep, I know... it is incredible how many people google for "Sudipta Chatterjee" or "Sudipta Utexas" or "Sudipta Life". Man, I'm famous!

    Syrals, hmm... if I go to Canada... I'll definitely try it.

  8. I never visited a dentist so far :D Get the teeth removed and being paid for it. Nice idea :)

    Don't be disappointed, you'll be boarding too many flights in future. Better luck next time :P

  9. Very interesting. But what does losing one's teeth have to do with meeting a girl?

    ...unless of course, you have a meeting with the girl's protective big brother soon after ;-)

  10. Manasa, yeah, getting the teeth removed and getting paid for it is a nice idea, except that in the worst case the medicine can seriously screw up your system and you're responsible for it: no one else.

    But thanks about the flying wishes, anyway! :)

    Hari, yeah, that, and you know... the 'Bond' connection. :)


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