I am from Pluto

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and I am from Pluto. From the book:

How it usually goes:
For example, Mary comes home from an exhausting day. She wants and needs to share her feelings about the day.
She says, “There is so much to do; I don’t have any time for myself.”
Tom says, “You should quit that job. You don’t have to work so hard. Find something you like to do.”
Mary says, “But I like my job. They just expect me to change everything at a moment’s notice.”
Tom says, “Don’t listen to them. Just do what you can do.”
Mary says, “I am! I can’t believe I completely forgot to call my aunt today.”
Tom says, “Don’t worry about it, she’ll understand.”
Mary says, “Do you know what she is going through? She needs me.”
Tom says, “You worry too much, that’s why you’re so unhappy.”
Mary angrily says, “I am not always unhappy. Can’t you just listen to me?”
Tom says, “I am listening.”
Mary says, “Why do I even bother?”

How it is supposed to go:
Mary says, “There is so much to do. I have no time for me.”
Tom takes a deep breath, relaxes on the exhale, and says, “Humph, sounds like you had a hard day.”
Mary says, “They expect me to change everything at a moment’s notice. I don’t know what to do.”
Tom pauses and then says, “Hmmm.”
Mary says, “I even forgot to call my aunt.”
Tom says with a slightly wrinkled brow, “Oh, no.”
Mary says, “She needs me so much right now. I feel so bad.”
Tom says, “You are such a loving person. Come here, let me give you a hug.”
Tom gives Mary a hug and she relaxes in his arms with a big sigh of relief.
She then says, “I love talking with you. You make me really happy. Thanks for listening. I feel much better.”

How it will go if I was involved:
Mary says, “There is so much to do. I have no time for me.”
Sudipta says, “Hehehe... people fall sick at times, you know! *wink* *wink*"
Mary says, “They expect me to change everything at a moment’s notice. I don’t know what to do.”
Sudipta says, “Well, you could just switch your boss's strong coffee with decaf! Sleeping boss, sleeping office --- loads of time to do things for yourself!"
Mary says, “I even forgot to call my aunt.”
Sudipta says, "Oh her? You should have told me! I love teasing her about the new dude who moved into her colony last month! I could easily keep her entertained for 15 minutes."
Mary says, “She needs me so much right now. I feel so bad.”
Sudipta says, “Are you sure a hot 'massage' can't cheer you up? *nudge-nudge*"? :D

QUESTION: What does Mary say/do next?


  1. Mary would want my son Jai to grow up and give an equally brilliant version of Sudipta's fancy because Jai says he is from the Red Planet.
    P.S. Jai is going to be 6 in a few days.
    BTW this post is the outcome of an extremely productive mind. What are you doing in the Engineering line?

  2. If Mary were me, she'd say, "I'll get the moisturizer!" *wink*

  3. Manpreet, bachche ko kya sab training de rahi ho madam? :)

    In case you misunderstood, the first two paragraphs are from the book itself. The last conversation was my invention. :)

    And happy birthday to Jai! :)

    Galadriel, you and I should totally date each other! ;)

    Truly me, welcome onboard! And thank you :)

  4. Mary's hypothetical response:

    I just asked you to listen, dammit!
    * Vunn tiiiigght slap with an evil expression *


    Question: What does Sudipta do / say next?

    Good one!

  5. Mary: **angry look @ Sudipta followed by a yell + tight slap :P**

    lol :D

  6. Sanyukta, Sudipta runs off to show others, "Look, she touched me here... she actually did!". Oh wait, we are supposed to be married. Darned! Plan cancel...

    Manasa, aare sharam kar!

  7. Mary sounds like a fussy devil. :-p

  8. how about a glass of water on sudipta to bring him back to his senses.. and then a tight slap with an evil glean in eye :D

    just kidding!

  9. Mary would say, "Huh? Yeah? You mean it?" with a smile curling up on her lips. ;-)

  10. Mary says: "I could so do with a hot massage right now. Sudipta, can you please check if the hot dude who moved into my aunt's neighborhood is available to give me one"...*smirk*

  11. Hari, we like the devil, don't we? ;)

    Sweet Alien, oh the water and the slap are all welcome as long as the evil glean comes up in the end! :P

    Phatichar, boy, million ages no see! Now see, thats the kind of response I was looking for!! :)

    Mala, you know, the first reaction right then would be to go and strangle said hot dude. But there is a better response: find the dude's number, call him up and hand the phone to Mary. :)
    *smirk* *smirk*

  12. Mary thinks its a Gud idea and leaves for Vinay's massage parlour.

    Hey Sudipta.Just digged out your blog from google.

    Fantabulous! is the word.Keep up the Gud work!

  13. Vinay, thanks, and welcome to the blog! My apologies for not replying for so long.


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