Sleep like a log

People say, ideally, you should sleep like a log. What they fail to tell you is when exactly you begin to sleep like a dead man and not like a log. Or, more importantly, when sleeping "like" a dead man can make you one.

So I was at my uncle's place about 3-4 years ago during one of my breaks in the college. It was winter, and we were sleeping under thick quilts. Mosquito coils were lit around the house because there weren't too many mosquitoes anyway. So my uncle and aunt were in their bedroom, and my aunt's brother and I were sleeping in the guestroom. Point to be noted: I was definitely fast asleep.

Late into the night sometime, the tip of the quilt I was under touched the mosquito coil and caught fire. Not exactly the flaming inferno fire, but the gradual one that creeps up and eats away. I did not know when this happened -- I was sleeping. So the fire gradually climbed up and most of the quilt was burnt till my feet, but I was still fast asleep. The room was full of smoke; the other person in the room woke up and so did my uncle and aunt. I was still sleeping, very much fast asleep. They looked at me: my feet had turned red and there were brown marks on my skin from the burning cotton of the quilt. I was still sleeping, like a dead man.

They shook me and woke me up. They put water on the quilt and doused the flames. And I was standing there, confused. I asked, "What happened?"
- "The quilt caught fire... your feet were in the fire. Are you okay?"
- "Uh huh.."
- "Step away from there."
- "Uh huh... then what do I do?"
- "Go into that room and sleep"

So I calmly walked into the other room and went to sleep. Like a dead man. :D


  1. Kumbhkaran ke Bhateeje!!!! :-)

  2. rofl... Thank the other person in your room that he woke you up and ONLY your feet had turned red. If he wasn't there, na aap rehta yeh likhne ke liye :P

  3. do you drag yourself outta bed everyday??

  4. rotflol. It's kinda scary though....thick skinned kumbhakaran!

    sky :)

  5. Harish, yeah, possibly. :)

    Alka, yes ma'am... zaroorat padne par wahi sahi.

    Manasa, haan re... pata nahi. ;)

    Galadriel, I dunno: it is the most painful experience.

    Sky, yeah I'd agree -- it is kinda scary.

  6. The modern equivalent of "sleep like a log" will become "sleep like a blog"

    Sorry, couldn't resist :-p

  7. thats too much to be followed from 'sleep like log'!!
    but goin f/w dont sleep like a log when you are alone esply! :)
    btw the prev post got me too emotional for not having a bro! :|

    arey baba.. can u pls take off this word verification thingie!? its takin too much out of the commenter probably!

  8. Hari, considering the number of new blogs born every day and the death of the enthusiasm which is even faster, I have to agree! :)

    Janum, yeah, I know.. my roomies have unanimously declared that I am going to be a danger to myself if I live alone. ;) And sorry to hear about you missing a bro: some friends are as good, believe me.

    About the word verification: aap ka hukum sar aankhon par. It might return if someone comes selling cheap Rolex watches or home loans here.

  9. A Canadian NRI lady died yesterday on a BA flight ... in her sleep while traveling from London to Mumbai for her niece's wedding. :p what a peacefully quiet way to go though.

  10. Roop Rai, welcome onboard! Aare madam, kabhi kabhar to mujhe zinda dekhne ki bhi dua maang liya karo.


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