My election manifesto

Some people "nominated" my name for a committee of graduate students in our department, and there was an election coming up. So here is what I put forth on my election manifesto:

If elected, I promise the following:

  • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner for all graduate students everyday
  • All printers in the department be converted into color printers with unlimited printouts
  • Complimentary massages for everyone by a 'special' masseuse in the Taylor basement between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.
  • Full travel grants for anyone presenting anything at a conference/workshop anywhere on the globe
  • Professional writers hired by the department to write your thesis and conference papers free of cost.
Heh... and you were seriously considering voting for me! ;)


All right so that wasn't the entire bit, there was a little 'sober' text following it as well. But guess what happened at the election? I won uncontested!! :D

P.S. - You did not hear from me that we were the only two candidates running for two posts and there was no actual election. These gossip-mongers, I tell you!


  1. I would like to invite you as a guest faculty in Papa Hari School of Politics.

    Would you take up the subject of "Empty Promises Management" by any chance :-p

  2. hehehehe... What did you do to those mongers, BTW? :P

  3. Saaaaaaaaaaaamooooooooooooosssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  4. That really was funny. Never thought it would get you to win! :)

  5. Hari, oh sure, as long as I am given tenure!

    Galadriel, :)

    Manasa, oh, we politicians know how to shut people up, you know ;)

    Sky, mu kholo, aaaaaa! :D

    Syrals, uncontested is the operative word here! :)

  6. Oh I did not see that part! :)
    That makes your post more hilarious.


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