The guest lecturer

Hello everybody... wish all of you a great new year ahead! May you write great blog posts and read even better ones this year... may your keyboards never rest!

I will be giving a guest lecture on applying to the US universities for graduate studies and life there in general at the USEFI Center, Kolkata on 8th January (yes, this coming Tuesday at 3:30). So if someone among you is planning to apply or know someone who is, do come there -- there is an all-day long education fair that day at the center. Oh, by the way... if you bring printed copies of this blog, there will be special author signings as well. :D

It is going to feel strange, I tell you. I was there, just about a year back listening to others and seniors on a lot of things. I was in the audience... and now I am the one who will be at the dais. Such, it seems is life.

Cheers, and have a great new year ahead!


  1. Bhaiyya, is there any chance you could post the transcript on the blog?

  2. Oh..I won't be able to attend that session coz I'm based in Delhi..and yes, I need it so badly because I'm applying for Fall 2008 :( :( Anyway, a great new year to you too !! :)- Ms NMA

  3. US return/returning back soon to US

  4. Wishing you a great new year ahead.. Nice to hear about the meet. I wish I could attend it. Can you come to Mumbai also for the talk?? :)

  5. Well, I wont be there to listen your lecture :( but i already i have few-or rahther many- doubts already :P
    Anyways best of luck, bhai :)
    happy lecturing :P
    and haan...
    do try to record ur lecture...
    so everyone can can listen it sometime later

  6. Rahul, I'll see if thats possible.

    Miss NMA, aap chitthi likhiye.. saare samassyayon ka hal humare paas hai! :D Aap ko bhi naye saal ki haardik shubhkaamnayen.

    Pallavi, want my autograph? :D

    JDB, I think the USEFI center there also is organizing something similar. Watch out. Or else, if they sponsor the trip, I wouldn't mind sharing the pearls of my wisdom. :D

    Varun, wah wah janaab... kya sujhaav diya hai. Hum dekhenge :)

  7. Reminds me of the PhD comic about being on the paper review committee of a conference! Happy new year!

  8. Congrats, dada!!! Itne dinonke baad blog kar rahe hain aap. Was wondering you were worked up with something cos you didn't blog. Ab pata chala :P

  9. Sheesh! I so very much wish I could be there. Me stranded in jamshedpur, just 4 hours from kolkata, and yet I won't be able to make it, all because of college lectures! I'm surprised that you have a lecture on week day. I wish it was sat/sun. I'd have surely been there, then. Booo!!

  10. can it be USEFI-mumbai sometimes next year???? just kidding!!!

  11. congrats and wish u all the best...give the best advise to ur juniors!!!!

  12. hi
    it's rajesh here u added one more fan in ur list i just love to read ur blog. u gave faith that life is not what u see around but u do. i am what i am and never loose faith i hope it will continue to inspire people and help many others. best of luck.

  13. Galadriel, thanks! :) And I'm already PhD material, you say? Why thank you!! And welcome, of course -- hapy new year!

    Manasa, thanks, dear. Yeah I'm pretty worked up.:)

    Shayon, well, thank you. You didn't miss much. I just carry a lot of information which you can hunt yourself everywhere. :)

    Mayukh, yeah sure... just want them to pay for the trip :)

    KP, thanks.. I hope I did. And welcome onboard!

    Rajesh, I'm honoured. Thank you and all the best for your future.

  14. When are you arriving in Austin?

  15. feels like heaven to be on the other side...doesn't it ? as in from the audience to the dias....

    Happy new year !
    and you would do a world of good to people if you could post the transcript or something close to that on your blog....
    Good luck!

  16. It dies feel strange..and it feels good to know you feel strange too..I did similar stuff at the BCL in Delhi..:) its good to be able to help answer small but important questions that Univs dont bother to tell you about before you get there..
    interesting blog.

  17. Hi..Came across your blog and found it to be very interesting..I have added it to my list of favourites..Kindly reciprocate and give a link back to three of my blogs..Please..

  18. Anonymous, tumne pukara aur hum aa gaye :)

    Blade, yeah it is very different feeling. It is difficult to post a transcript, but I may post my own fundas later on in a separate post here.

    Morpheus, thanks, and welcome aboard! :)

    Sundar, nope, I will not.


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