It feels so good when people I don't know at all send me messages on Orkut asking why there aren't any new posts on the blog. As always, it makes my day; besides a certain 'hmph' from a certain person. Thank you! :)

Then, take a look at this article: Researcher sheds light on increasing 'casual sex' phenomenon. Damn, I say --- where are these mythical girls? How come I never meet any of these?

And my apologies for this placefiller of a post --- I promise something really juicy coming up! :D


  1. Okay - now I'm totally embarrassed! Just officially proclaimed myself as a loser. :)

  2. Btw I thought you met some of those mysterious girls abhi kuchh din pehle?

    Sky :p

  3. Awww... it's good to have breaks now and then from the net (just like what I had haha!). But of course, you will be missed :) Blogging is such a part of our daily lives... and it's how we take a peek in each other's worlds too.

  4. how come i never get any comments on my filler posts..:(...:P

  5. Its been long !..wen is ur nex post coming ?...n yeah i can't wait to see wats juicy !!-Ms NMA

  6. who are these people talking about? you're right, thry are mythical!

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  8. You know,love is seen as something that has gone out of vogue,especially in the occidental countries.I believe the ability to love is one of God's greatest gifts to man;it was embedded into him when he was created in His image.
    But now,people prefer to be satiated in flesh forgetting all the while that the heart and mind are more important,and the love that comes from within far transcends any bodily satisfaction.To make love without feeling it is nothing less than an abomination.
    Let's hope that our country stays miles away in tradition and culture from such feelings(or the lack of it).

  9. Mala, really? Whats happening? :D

    Anonymous, as always, that made my day!

    Sky, I did meet some of those. But we shall let lying skeletons rest :D

    Princess, yeah blogging is a huge window into each of our lives. Will see your blog again soon!

    Pallavi, you need to declare them explicitly to be filler posts. :D

    Miss NMA, yeah hang on to that expectation --- I promise not to disappoint :D

    Rajarshi, yeah, unfortunately they are :(

    Yathindran, thank you so much. I actually link to people only when I follow their blog religiously. I'll visit your blog a few times, and if you get me hooked, I'll definitely blogroll you. BTW, welcome aboard!

    Sriram, welcome to the blog! I think there are two aspects of the kind of love you're talking about. The carnal aspect is as much in vogue as when Lord Krishna preached the Gita. Only yes, maybe the emotional attachment has gone down. I hope for our country to get rid of its shackles: not necessarily by overthrowing the present culture but by understanding it better.

  10. Emotional attachment has gone down? When I gave my Toefl exam, I got a topic which was related to research.. Research work isn't capable of reading the minds of everyone.. The views of only a certain group of people are considered! How can someone rely upon a research? It fails to understand each and every person.

    Please don't forget that even today there are people who respect the relationship they're into. I know guys who have been into short term relationships but haven't dared to touch the girl..

    At the same time, it's true that there are people who are involved in sex without feeling but it has happened always.. It's not something new! In fact, it went unnoticed earlier and now it has been highlighted

    Eh! Researches don't intrigue me..

  11. oh goodness! please dont think that ive forgotten about designing the buttons! i just havent gotten there yet with all the madness going on.. will do it!!

  12. All right buddy! Time's up. Where's the juicy post????

  13. This post, which isn't even 8 lines long, already has 14 voices. Compare this with the earlier post's comments.
    Dude, filler posts do pull people as well.

  14. Bizzare kid, research, my dear, needn't query everyone. Sample statistics suffice, "for all practical purposes without loss of generality" :D. And yes, demographics change everywhere. Some guys don't touch a girl even in the long term, some girls maybe seek to be 'touched' even in the short term. But, as you say, it does happen -- wonderful, isn't it? :D

    BTW, welcome onboard!

    Grafx, karo karo karo.... please... mummyyyyyy.... waaaa.... Ok ok, no tantrums. The buttons are highly awaited :)

    Sayesha, bhai aap ne hukum kiya aur post na ho aisa ho sakta hai? Aayega aayega: wo zaroor aayega :D

    Kalyan, yeah, apparently thats true. Thanks :)


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