Missed a smile

Brown men, the myth goes, aren't allowed to smile at others. If you read that link, you'll see that a desi in the US smiling/nodding at a desi female is very likely to be interpreted as a pervert giving a mating call to the said specimen of the fairer sex. And yours truly just added another dimension to the myth.

So the other day I was hurrying back from Taco Bell towards my class when I noticed a desi female coming from the opposite direction. She wore one of those wide goggles that covers almost half the face. I admit, you folks do look really hot in those; since the actual eyes are left to imagination. You may be having the most skewed eyes on earth but behind those goggles you have the perfect pair ;) Yannyway, so I had a look and then quickly shifted my gaze to somewhere else (shouldn't look desperate, you know ;) ).

Now, normally when you pass a stranger and you interact a bit --- maybe adjust your gait a tad bit to accomodate for the other person, you give a slight nod and a smile and pass on. But then, if you're too busy, you don't need to do that. This female would have merited a huge grin if there was the slightest chance of her passing by, I swear! Wonder of all wonders, at the end of my sudden shifting focus that day, I noticed a little nod from her direction out of the corner of my eye. By the time I looked back to double check, her head was getting back in position and she had a light smile across her lips as she brushed past me. My simple reaction was, "Darned!!"...

You see, the probability of that incident happening (i.e. random hot desi female nodding at me when I haven't initiated it) is really low: I mean you can define epsilon to be really really small in the order of 10-5. That too in broad daylight and in the middle of the university: to say the least you need to square the probability. But that is exactly what happened!!! Darned, darned and darned!!! Right now that female (if she has a blog) might be writing about the shy faced desi male who did not even smile back when she nodded her head towards him. Oh boy... imagine all those additions to the stats about Indian men being shy and afraid of women and all that... now my name features on that list! Lady, I swear, the next time I see you (and more importantly, recognize you), I will give you the broadest grin you've ever seen and the biggest head-bobbing since Led Zeppelin perpetuated the act. Just, oh please, please don't count me in that group... :D :D


  1. Man, you were probably right here. She probably thinks that you're one of those "hard-to-get" types.

    Actually why don't you get married and the problem will automatically get fixed for you by your wife when your eyes start roving... If you're worried about getting your dinner, that is... ;-)

  2. On a serious note, I cannot believe how Indians treat other Indians (or people of Indian origin) outside India. Sometimes, we're the worst racists ever found on the planet.

    We'll trust anybody whose skin-tone approaches pink, but the moment we see a brown-skinned person, we shrink as though we were born and brought up like royalty in Buckingham palace. I think it's a very unique Indian mentality.

  3. i had to rewrite my comment to avoid sounding like 'one of them girls' but IM NOT.
    its just those randomly following-you-around men who make the sweet quiet ones seem scary.

    and why is it that many don't smile back?

  4. btw, HAII SUDIPTA...

    i dint say hi in a while:)

  5. Dude, You missed it big time. But I understand the reason pal. We, you and me, dont really expect oh-so-hot babe to pass a smile while passing by. Isnt it?
    But now that you know that you have the potential, what would you do next? Awaiting the post...

  6. hahaha..i really treasure this moment for u...u missed a big chance !!!!-Ms NMA

  7. thats like a good boy!! :)
    Note: "like"

  8. It's amazing. Most desi's you hear talking about this always wonder why the other desi's never smile/nod back. I wonder if all of us feel the same way, then who are those desi's who are offending us?


  9. :)...what if next time,that girl wears a smaller pair of sunglasses, you wont be able to recognize...:)

  10. bang on...
    its like a hidden rule amongst indian here and I hate it...
    I think its because of the culture we are born and brought up in India: smiling and saying hi to people is just not there...

  11. Hari, hard-to-get??? Hmm... now that you say so, I think that line might be worth exploring.

    About the serious parts of your comment, I would rather disagree. The generalization is true for many people I've met... but the fact remains untrue for more than the other half for sure.

    Allie, yes, Hi, after a long time :) I only wish I knew why many don't smile back.

    Kalyan, yeah... that is definitely a big question... what to do next. Hmm... maybe I'll jump and introduce myself next :D

    Miss NMA, aare na na... no big chances missed, am sure. Just that I made a fool of myself. :( Has le paapi, has le!

    Janum, what do you mean, am not a good boy???!!

    Sky, well, maybe you can start a trend: the next desi you meet, jump in and get a handshake ;)

    Pallavi, well, it doesn't matter, as long as I get the right attention ;)

  12. Nishesh, I think, besides, it is dangerous :)

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  14. hhhmmmm she must probably be ABCD or hadn't had sex in a long time :)

  15. Sudipta - Have you ever thought of the chance that she probably broke into a smile coz you reminded her of this lost childhood jigri dost of hers from 6th grade?
    Ive done that before, and left him quite stunned. Deer in the headlight look and all that. It happened at the Uni too, 3rd floor library.


  16. Hehehe... Bhai we belong to same the category I guess...Net par I mean orkut, Y!msgr ya blog par sher...and in real life Bheegi Billi :D
    I hope u meet her again n soon too... is baar hi! toh bolhi dena lolz n do let her knw ab ur blogs n all :P ... just to impress ROTFL...

    Waiting for part 2 eagerly...

  17. Death, :) Hmm... welcome onboard!

    Maverick, yeah right... and she chose me!

    Rads, well, even then... I want to meet and talk!! :D

    Varun, aare nahi nahi... koi bheegi billi nahii... hum to sher hain! :)

  18. You're welcoming death on board! Nice, keep it alive!! Oh, and why don't we follow twisted-dna's resolution to keep smiling at people, no matter what? I'm sure that'll change things.


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