Why I love career fairs

Minus the books in the picture (click to enlarge), the fruits of two and a half hours of career-expo-touring in the university career fair:
  • 6 T-shirts (yes that car in the bottom left is one)
  • 1 cap
  • 3 USB drives
  • 2 free iTunes track gift cards
  • 4 yo-yos
  • 4 dancing light balls
  • 8 mint packs
  • 2 digital calendars/alarm clocks
  • 30 different good quality pens
  • 12 highlight pens
  • 2 cloth frisbees
  • 2 packs of playing cards
  • 1 pair of binoculars
  • 2 flashlights
  • 1 stapler
  • 5 fighter jet stickers
  • 8 post-it note bundles
  • 2 photo holders
  • 1 mouse pad
  • 1 calculator
  • 1 electronic pocket Sudoku
Not bad, definitely. Fruits of labour, eh? :)


  1. gosh, that looks amazing !!
    guess you won't be spending too much on stationary now :)

  2. ROFL ROFL ROFL!!! You just took me back to my grad days!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Hey, that seems like a lot .. pity that this career fair is happening after you came to Charlotte. i would have asked you to bring something... :D !!

  4. Ha ha :) I gathered as much in my univ career fair too :) So, whether we end up with a job or not, we are atleast assured of something at the end of the day! :D

  5. ROTFL!!
    Certainl brought back warm memories :--)
    What about loads and loads of chocolates and candies. :--))

    Btw word verification sucks!

  6. omg!! are you going to use all that stuff? if not send some to me you greedy man..:)..actually i remember i attended a computer science (despite being in architecture) career fair only to collect freebies..:)

  7. :p what a killing you made out there....

  8. Lavender, oh no, I surely will not! :)

    Supremus, :)

    Sweet Alien, yeah, such a pity, ain't it? :P

    Alpine Path, 3 cheers to grad school! :D

    SK, welcome onboard! Yeah, they also come handy, but free food rocks, most of all! :)

    Pallavi, use all of this stuff??! Oh no... you're more than welcome to come and take some. BTW, did you just attend CS career fairs and call me a greedy man in the same breath? :)

    Duhita, veni vidi vici!!

  9. Cool! nothing like the pleasure of collecting freebies ;) whether u use it or not!!! :D

  10. Ossum Ossum Ossum. With fairs like these, who needs lotteries?

  11. and the job?!!! :p

    well,yeah thanks for time timely help..there is one coming up on oct 3 at ncsu....and being in first semester...you know!

  12. And I thought it was because of the opportunity to meet tons of companies...I wonder what the potential employers would think if they read this :D

    S-k-y :)

  13. Sudipta, I'm sure you've attended "job fairs" in India and the contrast seems to be staring me in the face from what you've described. :-)

  14. wow, dat's a lottta stuff you have in here..looks like that collection is subordinating the job info factor ;)-Ms NMA

  15. Only for those freebies,I hope someday I make it to US for MS :D

  16. Never knew job fairs can benefit this much! Shall check out the next fair nearby. :-)

  17. LMAO...:) I just went two years back to my senior yr and career fair...:)

  18. This makes me think tht I too shd shamelessly pick things from the stalls :P... though I did pick but not from all of them!

  19. Vidyu, exactly! And welcome onboard. :)

    Wonderful person, yeah, it is a bigtime free-for-all! :)

    Adi, welcome onboard! Naah not interested in the job right now --- PhD guy! Good luck at NCSU :)

    Sky, they would be glad to see a person who doesn't miss an opportunity. B+ve, yaar! :D

    Hari, yes it has been staring me in my face for the past 3 career fairs. The demand and supply graphs are almost opposite.

    Miss NMA, it actually is, since I'm applying for the PhD program ;)

    Varun, oh yeah --- they're definitely inspirational!

    Jo, welcome here! Oh sure... please do!

    KP, man, you've been missing a lot. Go for 'em, man! BTW, welcome to the blog! :)

    Rads, gracias! :) And of course, welcome.

    Sonal, what do you mean, shamelessly? :P Of course I let the Texas Medical Association alone! :) BTW, didn't know that you had a blog as well. Welcome here, anyway. :)

  20. Off-topic, Sudipta.... but if you've got a minute, could you drop me a mail at the id on the top right corner of my blog? Thank you :)

  21. Shruthi, have already done that, and am now proud to belong to the BlogBharti team! :)

  22. WOW!!! Can you send those ppl to Delhi University?

  23. Marlee, thanks and welcome onboard! I wish I could send them everywhere! :)


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