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Another Face of Dice

You seem so remote at times,
A detached observer
of the tumultuous waves,
Breaking at the crags of
Life's commitments ---
Disturbing, agitating, unnerving,
Frustrating, ridiculing ---
Sweeping away in its retreating course
The very essence
That gives sense to life.

You stand apart,
Juvenile, confident,
Impersonal, withdrawn,
Mocking at the allured creature
Consumed into your flame.

---Arundhati Chatterjee

Dear readers, my mother, Dr. Arundhati Chatterjee has published a book containing poems which she wrote in her early youth. It is called "Songs and Lyrics", and the publishers are "Underground Literature", based in Hoogly, West Bengal.

The above poem is just one random poem from all the 60 poems that make up the book. I cannot do a proper review of the book because I'll obviously be biased. But I can say this --- this is a collection of poems which you will not want to finish off in one go. You will need to stop after you read each poem, ponder over the words, the meanings and the images it constructs; you'll need to properly savour the poem after you've read it. I, for one, have received a personally signed and autographed copy from the author! :)

I'm It is priced at Rs. 55 (yes, it is about a dollar and some cents in the US :) ) and shipping will be nominally extra if you're interested. You can write directly to me or to my mother at arundhati [dot] chatterjee [at] gmail [dot] com if you want a copy --- we can work out the payment details later on. Also, all comments, suggestions and feedback are more than welcome.


  1. Congrats. I wish to read this book. Thanks for providing us her e-mail.

  2. wonderful poem and talented mom you have. Congrats!! Whats the general theme of the book?

  3. Or is it assorted collection?

  4. Beaufifulllll !! since,i'm itself in india,can u tell me where i can get d book from ? :)-Ms NMA

  5. Nice poem Sudipta. Errr.. Sudipta's Maa. Trying to figure out what would it look like in Baangla.

  6. Alka, thank you! :) Yeah, if you are interested, just send me or my mother your postal address and it can be sent.

    Pallavi, yes, indeed --- I'm proud to have her as my mother! :) The book is an assorted collection, actually: no theme as such.

    Miss NMA, unfortunately, the publisher does not have too many good distributors. Please send me or my mother an email with your postal address on it, and you will receive the book.

    Kalyan, I think it will be difficult to translate it into Bangla: but hope you like it in its original form, anyway. :)

  7. Sudipta, I have just written to your Mom. Hope she replies to me even after reading my pathetic English. :-)

  8. Awesome poem :)

    I'll call up aunty regarding the book. BTW, you missed Dr prefixed to her name :)

  9. Alka, hope you've heard back from my mom by now. About pathetic English.... hmm, I'd rather remain silent on that.

    TV, welcome onboard, and thanks! :)

    Manasa, yup.. do so! About prefixing with Dr. in the poet's name, I thought we were not supposed to do that!

  10. Congratulations to your mum, my dear -- quite an accomplishment. And true what you said, her poems (judging from what you've posted) are the type that needs to be chewed and digested. Wonderful indeed!

  11. wow that's cool!! congrats to you and her of course..

  12. Arre wah! a poet!:) Auntyji ko all the best bolna..:)

  13. Princess, thanks.. on behalf of my mom... your good wishes will be conveyed.

    Twilight Fairy, thanks... will tell her. :)

    Di, will do! :)


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