Wild wild west

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the pics from the hiking and trekking trips of last weekend to the Sequoia National Park, as promised. I'd let the pictures speak for themselves.

Our initial journey started off with our the car speeding through yellow grassy fields like these: Soon enough, we were in the mountains, when the roads changed completely into winding and steep turns such as these, while some melted into the wilderness, like these.
Oh, did I forget to tell you about the breathtaking views we saw?

During our trip, we saw the largest tree on the planet. Don't miss the man standing at the foot of the tree in the pic above. And then we also walked and trekked through snow while we climbed from 7500 ft to 11,000 ft over sea level. Yeah, we climbed all the way to the top of one of these .

We watched deer from this close , saw waterfalls like this and spent a lot of time sightseeing. Oh, what captured my imagination were a few private cabins built along the mountains --- imagine being able to retreat into this wilderness whenever you wished. Some day, perhaps...


  1. Nature surely has that knack of taking our breath away. Incredibly beautiful. Did you enjoy the trek? :) That was a great place to go to...

  2. what was the waether like? that sure looks beautiful!

  3. Very nice post, I liked the ALL pics and of course the lucid narration.

  4. Beautiful.....and wow that's a large large tree!

  5. Great pictures. What camera did you use to take them?

  6. Princess, I sure did enjoy the trek!

    Pallavi, the weather too was great. And it got cold enough for the campfire at night ;)

    Sky, :)

    Twilight fairy, it sure was! Long time no see, btw...

    Pijush, hey thanks for dropping by --- an official welcome to you. I'm glad you liked them all.

    Duhita, yes ma'am --- the largest on the planet.

    Hari, thanks... one was a regular 5 megapixel camera with no zoom, another was a better quality one with about 5x optical zoom.

  7. This is beautiful.. nice pictures!

  8. Janum, thanks... it was indeed mindblowing! :)

    Reshmi, yup, thanks!

  9. But what make? Canon, Sony, Nikon or what?

  10. Hari, it was a Sony camera --- I don't remember the model number and all, sorry.

  11. A very nice blog you have here.
    Keep 'em coming!

  12. Parijata, thank you so much! And welcome onboard! :)


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