Go scare yourself

For those of you who haven't "heard" about it, go and visit this page on wikipedia, on holophony. Once you've finished reading the short paragraph describing it, go and visit the last link, the virtual barbershop. The file is 6.2 MB (yeah, quite big by dial-up standards), but believe me it will be worth every single second you spend downloading it.

Go and hear it... yes, now! Don't forget your headphones!!

Imagine when that technology enters games. Imagine playing CounterStrike or Doom with that technology, when you can literally hear the beast breathe a few inches away. Imagine, newer amusement parks and horror mansions built with sound emitters of this sort. Imagine being able to record the sound your near and dear ones for a full hour on this, and then listening later. Imagine playing Nascar or NFS with this. Be aware, be afraid and be wonderstruck. Welcome to technology!


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