Zaroorat hai, zaroorat hai

Yaay... the #%&!$ project deadline is finally over! All pending comments have been answered, and I plan to visit all your blogs soon. Anyway, I was looking through some blogs of people I know in person and noticed that I had been tagged over a year back by my sister. Well, it is never too late to take up the tags, and this one pleases me no end.

I need to describe eight different qualities I would like to see in my would be life-partner (who, wherever she is, already has my sympathies :D ). And then I need to pass the tag onto 4 others. As I see it, there are two ways of answering the tag. One is to be honest with myself and write the truth here: in sincere detail. But that, I suspect, will start giving my mom and a lot of other people a lot of ideas, besides putting me through some traumatic (blogging) experiences. Therefore, in the interest of public mental health, I wouldn't do that. Instead, the alternate way of describing the potential unlucky lady would be as follows:
  1. Should be less than or equal to 70 kilos in weight: I can lift that much with one hand. The other arm should always be free ;)
  2. Should be perfectly hare-brained... a see-through tunnel between the ears is the hallmark of the ideal candidate.
  3. Must have a firm and unshakeable belief that I am the best thing to have happened to this earth since God Himself!
  4. Must rate me as 100% sexy, 100% cool and 100% trustworthy on Orkut... never mind what the real life details are. Must also become a fan upon very first acquaintance!
  5. Must remind me time and again that I look and smell my best when I don't bathe/shave for a week or two. In fact, should compete with me at times to see who can stay without bathing for how long.
  6. Should nominate this blog for the Nobel prize in Literature every year: in fact she should also file a PIL in some Indian court suing the Nobel committee if they don't award it to me every year. Did I mention the IndiBloggies, too?
  7. Should constantly worry that she is getting thin and should need daily reminders from me that no, she is actually getting fat and she needn't gorge on all the delicacies I cook from time to time.
  8. Must, must, absolutely must always believe that she is the only specimen of her kind!
Bolo, hai koi nazar / aaine mein? :D


  1. whats the obsession with orkut dude? but LOL..very funny.

  2. Why so much distance from bathing? :-)

  3. Bhai,looks like u gonna be busy again
    and soon too!!!
    Having spilled the beans,about ur match,get ready to get gud numbers of proposals-- on orkut at least ;)

  4. I don't believe u..u're fakin it..but i'll pray hard u get one helluva overblown woman as ur other half... one who can lift up u as well....LOL !!!!!!!-Ms NMA

  5. Pallavi, you *almost* got the gist of the post, and I mean almost. I wouldn't spoil the fun for you and tell you why, therefore, orkut was mentioned!

    Alka, kya karen, engineer hain! :D

    Varun, bhai, find someone who matches even one of these criteria remotely (minus the weight thing of course): and marry her right away!

    Miss NMA, of course I'm joking here --- who on earth would want to marry a robot? Aur kabhi kabhaar humare liye bhale ka bhi dua maang liya kijiye! Overblown woman, hah! I shall let the consequences of soemthing similar happening to you wide open to speculation :D

  6. "Alka, kya karen, engineer hain!" What the connection between engineering and bathing? :-)

  7. You can lift up 70KILOS with ONE HAND??? Why don't you compete for Mr universe instead?

  8. She has my sympathies too ;p

    I totally agree with point 2 by the way. To agree to marry you, she will have to be hare-brained :D

    As always...
    Your shubhchintak

  9. The only response I can think up for this is: "Choooo chwweeet!"

  10. How can u envisage something of THAT sort happening to me ?!!...( grr..shut !!)..
    So mr swift neurons,thought u were d only one around holding a doctorate in leg pulling ?:D
    Well,I'm afraid u have some serious competition now from a prospective female candidate ( moi:D ) !!!!.cudnt hve imagined THIS happening to !!
    Of course i was jokin bout that...never xpected it'd move YOU n end up in u beggin me some duan's....LOL LOL !!!!!!-Ms NMA

  11. Alka, this might enlighten you a bit about the connection between engineers and bathing: washing bedsheets .

    Raman, I did manage that feat: only once though. Upto 50 kilos is not a problem any day! :)

    Sky, oh I shall forever have a supply of fried rabbit meat, then ... garma garam (non-fat) bheja fry!!

    Hari, yeah I know that the Chennai sun is blazing hot these days :P

    Miss NMA, "prospective female candidate ( moi:D )" --- ROTFL from my side!! Make that a double!!

  12. ATB dude!
    will be a real tuf time findin a gal for u either to ur parents or urself. if 1 existing already, i really wanna meet her once :p :p
    Lollzz.. ;))

  13. Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai - full accounting ki once you find your dream girl...!! ROFL...

  14. whoa, what a list!! here's passing to you some big buckets of good luck so that you can get a biwi who makes you all happy and gets you a nobel prize using all her wit and charm, hahaaaaa, the one thing that emerges out of all your 8 points is: you are a pakka narcissist, welcome to the club ;)

  15. That's hilarious! I guess u'd end up with a virtual partner! Keep orkutting!

  16. Janum, *feel strange calling you that :D * you are right... lakho mein ek hogi. And yes, once I find her, you sure get to meet her :D

    R, haa ji, aap accounting karne aa jana!

    Life Lover, thank you, Ms President! Such good luck always comes handy.

    Ships, Long long time no see on the blog... thanks for stopping by! Virtual partner? Nahiiii..... asli cheez chahiye :) Only if orkut could help!

  17. the post made my day....
    fell off laughing...
    am going to blogroll you

  18. Great one :) But why do guys always make such a fuss abt bathing? And, that too for a week! Ew!! Otherwise, I'm ROTFL :D

  19. Shamash, thank you so much! Will visit your place soon.

    Alpine path, well, it feels a lot better to shout about than to skip :)

  20. Oooh congratulations on getting over that wall... and welcome back :) Time to enjoy life without the worries...

  21. u know wats funnier than the post..? the thought of it coming true!!! :D :D i.m.a.g.i.n.e.....

  22. Princess, yup, almost over... thank you very much!

    Di, Nahiiiiieeeeeee .... shubh shubh bolo! On the other hand, imagine you landing up with some such guy! :D :D


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