Morning raga

Ugh... what is that unearthly noise blaring at this time? I just slept!

Hands grope about towards source of aforesaid noise, both eyes still half-closed. Wham! And yeah... thats taken care of for now... go back to sleep mumbling.

Uh... again! 10 minutes of snooze time past already? Hmmff... thats bloody murder! What time is it anyway? Noooo..... it can't be 8:40 already! My alarm was set for 8:00!!! :( Wham, wham and another bloody wham!

*Whimper-whimper* Do I really need to open both eyes now? Yeah I think so.

Take off warm blanket. Darned the air is cold... that A/C will kill me some day!
*Grumble-grumble* and wear the crumpled T-shirt from the floor.

Room-mate in bathroom... *grumble-grumble some more*

I'll get up when he's out --- get back inside the blanket.

Ahh... doesn't it feel good already? Peace....

Room-mate comes out.... dude, you ought to take at least an hour in the morning! How can you be out so early? I don't want to get out of bed today!! :( :(
*Make saddest cutest face imaginable*

But the prof might teach the most important thing today and I'll miss it --- I can't

Well, maybe I can --- I'll manage ;)

Naah I can't; besides the class is really interesting.
*I just confessed that, didn't I? Sad.... sad sad goddarned sad*

The bus is at 8:55, and it is 8:45 already. So I need to choose 2 of these three: wash and dress myself, eat breakfast or bathe. He hehe... I already know which one is getting the axe... phir kabhi ;)

One day, when I become the president of a university, I'll make it a law banning all classes before 12 noon!


  1. Whatever it is, I hope u didnt miss the first one :P

  2. can see ur sunshine personified in the mornings.. :D :D

  3. Supremus, naah I didn't. :)

    Di, yeah thats right: sunshine personified.

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  5. A good person and prud to be so!!!???
    ggrrrrrhhhh.... :p

  6. Guess u slept late at night after burning d midnight lamp...:)

  7. Wonderful Person, my blog, my fingers, my crap. Therefore, thank you!

    Janum, Well, good people are allowed to grumble, right?

    Lavender, I do usually burn a lot of midnight oil --- I'm not really a morning person :)

  8. I know exactly what you mean! I remember sleeping till the last minute and then sprinting out of bed in shorts, slippers, grabbing my books and running for class when I hear a kind of siren that used to blow somewhere. Class was on 8th floor of one building and hostel was on 5th floor of adjacent building!

  9. The post sounded just like what I went through in my MBA days. hmmm your post made me nostalgic! I really miss those days.

    Short and sweet suits this one. :)

  10. My sentiments exactly! Banning classes before 12

  11. I understand, life can be so tough in mornings :)
    Same is the case with me; but this snoozing thing can be helpful ,for people like us, at times :P

  12. I am convinced there is some small teeny weeny part in my brain that refuses to like early mornings...nothing can make me love early mornings except for those long walks taken with my grandpa in summer vacations...the cool breeze, the rising sun looking all pink and the early dew on the flowers...ahhhhh, currently mornings suck with early morning calls with people who don't have a life :-/

  13. That's why some people do smart things...they graduate :D


  14. Anumita, 5 floors down and then 8 floors up again?? :O I am sure you never had to really worry about getting fat ;)

    Syrals, thank you! :)

    Pilgrim, welcome onboard! Okay, you are on my board of regents for the university :)

    Varun, hmm... yeah the snooze does come handy at times

    Life Lover, yeah, such mornings are always welcome. But they happen rarely... best of luck with early morning calls! :D

    I-know-who, I do smarter things --- will finish coursework and then all I get to do is to do research! :D


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