How digital went analog

Slimy greasy and red-stained yellow, dripping with remains of vegetables and some chicken blood, with fingerprints dabbling in and around the knob. Thats the microwave timer knob in our apartment. We were wondering aloud the other day about why Das (my roomie) had bought this analog knob-operated microwave while the digital one might have been available for maybe ten more bucks. The place might have looked a lot cleaner then without the greasy knob if we had a digital keypad, not to speak of better control and stuff. He let out a nostalgic sigh and explained things like this:

"Actually, both microwaves cost the same --- the digital and the analog one. That day I was roaming around Walmart looking for the microwave to buy when I came to this aisle lined with microwaves. The digital ones were right on top, at a visible eye level. The analog ones were down near the floor. BUT, the digital one had a plain blank cover with a picture of the microwave itself. The analog one had a photo of a hot blonde chick in a red dress. Therefore, I bought this one", he finished with an air of finality.

The logic was incontrovertible. But then a sudden idea struck me! I asked, "Well, what did you do with the box?"... hoping to catch a glimpse of the lady in red ;)

"Oh, I think I just tore the box open and then trashed it", he said in reply.

What can I say, I completely understand.


  1. the first few lines and I went *gag* but I see the man's logic now...very profound!

    sky :)

  2. lol..u hve one helluva funny bout men n their logic.. this was an absolute first hand insight into that :)

  3. Thanks for this. true marketing logic indeed...

  4. Sky, yeah of course... my room-mate = profound logic! :)

    Lavender, thank you... maybe you'll know how to get your man to buy stuff ;)

    Hari, those were exactly my initial thoughts!

  5. now that's good marketing for you! otherwise ow do you explain anybody buying analogue?!?!

  6. hmmm lol... u still dont go for shopping kya,bhai

  7. the roommate replies -- there are many factual errors in this story so to set the record straight - the reason i bought the analog dial microwave was because it takes just a turn of the dial to start the microwave as opposed to programming the digital microwave (which requires punching in the number of second and then hitting start) so it is more efficient to use the analog dial microwave...having said that, i will say that - if i had a choice between buying an analog microwave with a hot chick on the box and an identical analog microwave with no hot chick on the box - i would go with the one with the hot chick...

  8. no wonder god made man first and then rectified his mistake..ha ha..cute roomie!!

  9. The power of sex in marketing huh?

  10. here after ages...yep age does things like this to you.

    Ok now "digital micro" ??? Is this like the advanced version that can cook say rice in a few nano seconds as compared to the analog that does it in 2 mins?

    Dude am hopelessly lost

  11. Rajarshi, you almost drew the analogy! :)

    Varun, I do go for shopping, but this was before I came here.

    Roommate, we will settle the debate about the version of the truth after I go home. About your Indo Life --- well, good luck.

    Anonymous (Miss NMA?), yeah of course... what is history but a fable agreed upon?

    Princess, well, it is a lot more powerful than just this. But I'll agree :D

    Sanjay, welcome back! Digital microwaves are just controlled in a different fashion than the analog ones: the basic functions remain the same. So rice still takes 20 mins to cook in either :)

  12. heheheh...

    I guess this age old marketing technique is already very popular :) How else would u justify those Teleshoppes on the TV.

    By any u get to see the ads for Bingo Mad Angles?? :-D do try to get it from somewhere...

  13. Well the female served her purpose at least...Very few actually do...

    I could not find a less chauvinistic comment to make :-))

  14. Ellie, welcome back. And those teleshoppes --- I think they should pay the viewers to watch them. Bingo Mad Angles?? I'll try google.

    Wanderlust, given sufficient publicity, I am sure you will get a sudden upsurge in traffic to your blog now :)

  15. Wanderlust - i'm confused - do you mean -

    You could not find a "less" chauvinistic comment


    You could not find a "more"
    chauvinistic comment


  16. @ Wanderlust...

    Had it not been for one such purpose non-serving female, you would not even have existed, let alone dole out these chauvinistic remarks.

  17. Anonymous, I'm sure he meant less!

    Anonymous (same as above?), it was said in jest, and in this context that comment is funny. Take it easy... the comment isn't there to insult. :)

  18. So - if he meant he could not find a "less" chauvinistic comment, doesn't that imply that the comment was the "least" chauvinistic comment (i.e. - a comment implying the "lowest" amount of superiority of men over women?

  19. I take back my words if it was said in jest..:)

    --Anonymous (not same as above)

  20. Anonymous, your English parser is as good as mine.

    Anonymous (not same as above :) ), thats fine... we are all entitled to our opinions. :)


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