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Orkut does a lot of good things, such as connecting old friends, help form new connections and fraanships, etc. So when the other day I received a friend request from a person I knew in school, it was a pleasant surprise. A couple of scraps were exchanged, with the general CBI-meet-FBI information exchange and 30-second elevator talk. He was in India and had graduated recently and was employed. Then one fine day I saw a chat request from him on google and was glad to accept it. Soon afterwards, there was a little window blinking in the toolbar. "Hey, hru?" was how the conversation had begun.

I obliged with the typical "I'm fine, thanks" and was about to reciprocate the routine when he popped the second question: "So you've been there for about 8 months now --- how many girlfriends do you have?"

I was a little taken aback: I did not really expect a friend talking to me after about 10 years to be interested in my set of girlfriends as the first thing in my life. And judging by the question, I wasn't sure what to answer. So I decided to play along. "Sixth running, actually..." was my reply.

"Oh, so are all Americans?" --- he was really curious now, it seemed.

I was secretly grinning from ear to ear now since he was using the present tense for all the 6 I had mentioned, and more importantly since the guy had taken the bait. So I decided to add a touch of realism to it; "One desi, one Chinese and the other four are blondes" was my answer. And the next question almost tumbled out automatically:

"So, .... have you? You know... done it?"

I was subtly pricked at this point of time. But the fun was just building up. So I decided to toss the ball back into his court. "What do you think?"

About ten seconds of silence, and then pat came the reply, "Oh I understand... of course".

I had to agree, "Of course".

And the person logged out pretty soon after that --- it seemed as if his part of the conversation was over. His beliefs were confirmed.


  1. lol cool conversation ...
    6 gf's ...n then... of course... lol
    nice one again!!!

  2. Do you really have an Orkut account? Eugh! :-p

  3. Har Har!!

    Didn't he ask you how many at a time ;-).


  4. so....ermm..have you? or should i find you in orkut to get that question answered?

  5. Arrrgghh Orkut's's entered my blog world too now?!!

  6. Varun, thank you! :)

    Hari, I do! :P

    Supremus, ah... only if he had. Actually I was near boiling point when he was asking these questions --- so if he had ventured any further queries he would've had it!

    Alpha, first off, welcome! Again, I want to empty my venom sacs right now, but I'll push the ball back into your court. Tell me what you think (or find out, for that matter).

    Gratisgab, why blame poor Orkut for people like these. If anyone, you should have a vendetta against God!

    Ricercar, thank you :)

  7. Simply ridiculous n u ACTUALLY let him believe dat !!!-Ms NMA

  8. Nice conversation I must say!
    Hope that person reads this post :)

  9. Miss NMA, of course I did! He deserves to get a bigger shock...

    Manasa, for his sake, I do hope so :)

  10. lol...thanks for my sunday afternoon, last-day-of-the break chuckle :)


  11. Sky, the pleasure is all mine :)

    Sayesha, madam, long time no see aur wo bhi comment kiya to Sheesh!! Kamse kam quadruple sheesh to kar dete :)

  12. Rajaram, orkutting = presenting a very public profile online, which can be used by someone for stalking you. To blame orkut for the existence of shady people is therefore irrational.

  13. Yeah really funny how people have misconception of life here!

  14. Pallavi, welcome onboard! And yes, I have no idea how the misconceptions are to be broken, except laugh at them, perhaps!

  15. hey, this one was hilarious..I liked the post about cooking too..

  16. Suman, thank you! :)

    And welcome, of course...


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