Last evening when I came home, I wasn't in the best of mental levels. And this big deal everyone makes about getting drunk always intrigued me somehow. I had tasted alcohol before; all sorts, actually --- but had never been drunk. The closest I had come to this was actually a little bit of a head spinning thing, but never really knew what being drunk was. So when I noticed a bottle of Vodka in the closet, the temptation to actually try it out was really huge. I mean, here I had a willing subject, the correct instrument, and the chance to obtain first-hand experience. Without much further dilly-dally, therefore, I started gulping it down.

I suppose it took me about 20 minutes to finish the stuff off. And then the gradual head-spinning thing began. Like, the mind and the eyes knew where the foot had to be placed, but the signal from the head somehow took longer than necessary to reach there. Hmm... it was building up, I thought. I took up to kicking a ball, but soon afterwards, the "drunk" drunk thing really set in. Now, when you are drunk, what is one supposed to do? I didn't know, so I thought maybe calling up people will be a good step to take to find out how drunk I am --- the quick test, that is. But that is when the fun started. I began blabbering stuff I never thought I would, things that I knew I shouldn't say. It was like, it is now or never; to hell with all! But I was also feeling pretty sleepy. So I hung up midway through a call and just crashed to bed.

Apparently, that wasn't the end of it. Midway through the night (I don't know when) my room-mate came around to ask me if I was ok. As far as I am told, I was sort of crying (more howling, if you insist), and just chanting something. They tried to give me water, make me puke, etc. but apparently nothing of that sort happened. I also think I gave my room-mate some crazy instructions. One of the sentences he asked me at that time being, "Dude, are you in your right mind when you ask me to do this?" And a drunkard is always sure that he is asking for exactly the right thing to be done :) Thankfully, my room-mate thought otherwise and did not do all of it!

The funniest part is, I had no hangovers this morning. As good as new --- woke up on time, went to classes, took notes, asked questions. Even went for my swimming. And I can seriously say that it is all too hyped up. No big deal --- it is a bulk load of complete crap. Definitely not worth trying. And no, I'm not interested in getting hangovers, thank you very much. I remember I wasn't so well last night, and I don't want to repeat the experience. But if someone comes to tell me that getting drunk is so and so, I think I can call their bluff --- it is simply useless, because I know that, first hand. One of the guys from the apartment who had come over last night met me in the men's locker room this evening. I was calling him bewde, conversationally. His reply was, "If YOU call me a bewda, I'll take that to be a compliment".

Mystery solved!! :)


  1. You know you should once ask to your friends who had come to you in night. They will be in a better position to tell you about all the things that happened. :)

  2. Sudipta, I haven't touched a drop of alcohol all my life (unless you consider Benadryl cough syrup taken in teaspoons as a alcoholic drink ;))

    But I think the effect of alcohol is more to do with the physical dependency of your system to alcohol rather than any mental euphoria which is the effect of really "hard" drugs. Yes, alcohol also has mental effects like allowing you to shed your inhibitions (as you found out, no doubt), but I believe that it's more due to the "fashion" of drinking rather than to create an effect in your mind. Except of course, people who drink really hard drinks regularly (the country liquor stuff) and drink to a state of being completely stoned - they take alcohol as a physical dependency thing.

    Alcohol does have its physiological effects. It has a dehydrating effect on your body and it lowers your resistance in the long run. It has other effects when consumed in larger quantities of course ;-)

    I believe alcohol taken with small quantities of certain drugs have a far more devastating effect on the system. Even smokers who drink will have a different experience with alcohol than non-smokers.

    Good write up though. Drinking is more a social norm that people are pressurized to follow.

    Personally I would never touch a drop of that stuff, although I am always curious in finding out from people about the effects of that stuff.

  3. Also you're writing quite a bit on iffy topics of late.

    What's your mom thinking when she reads about "your experiments with life"? :-P

  4. Prits, yeah, well... apparently there is a video recording as well! :)

    Hari, okay, Benadryl is not alcohol. I know what you mean by the physical dependency: the mental inhibitions might have been shed due to the fashion, agreed --- but ranting about the same thing for 5 continious hours? I wouldn't agree.

    And yes, I did call up my mom and let her know about this personally. She trusts me, and simply forbade doing this any further again. I am sure I will not :)

  5. Dont be judgemental on 1st attempt :P - try it at least thrice. Being drunk is a state of mind - its a philosophy of its own :P


  6. Hehe... you've been good boy, Sudipta. :-)

  7. Also if you want, you may go around holding a glass of apple juice in a wine glass and pretend you're sipping on champagne...

    I'll give you more ideas in the future. ;-)

  8. Supremus, yeah right... I'm not touching that again: never at least to get drunk. About that state of mind: there are other ways of being in complete nirvana all the time.

    Hari, thank you! :) And no I don't like to pretend. If I am not taking it: I might as well say so.

  9. Nah, was just kidding. Also if you're pretending, you should probably go the whole hog and start swaying around and singing songs loudly like a drunkard in a bollywood movie. :-p


  10. Can't believe you drunk!!! :O
    Better don't do it next time :)

  11. Video eagerly awaited ;)

  12. Hari, :)

    Manasa, never again! :)

    Varun, nope... they'll be deleted!

  13. WHAT?? deleted?!!!!! nahi nahi...yeh nahi ho sakta... :-(

    And also, champagne is good, champagne is nice...no apple juice dressed up as chanpagne...apple juice is yucko!!


  14. Sky, thanks... tu hi meri sachchi dost nikli! :)

  15. Hmmm it is good you experimented in one way. At least no more curiosity will bother you. :))

    Also, I am glad you feel averse to getting drunk. Way to go Sudipta!

    On a lighter note, I am still wondering what you went on ranting for five hours non stop.:D

  16. Syrals, thanks :)

    And the rant is top secret!!

  17. Ae Bhai 1st attempt and mystery solved...nahin re...yeh madhushala itni aasaan nahin...lol...!

    Not fair...all agog to get full uncensored version with chatake daar picturwa ....wah wah...!

  18. Bhai i am sure u must be saying some complex queries tht u missing frm accenture :P
    this might actaully turn out gud one for few ppl,u see :)

    or may be u might be describing maya in more details ;)
    no wonder u hav asked for anonymity
    few post b4 i guess u had sensed ur video in making in advance :)
    so video a must!!!
    at least to only select fews whose names u remember bhai
    i hope am in tht list at least till i get to see video :)

  19. one whole bottle of vodka! wow! :)

  20. R, don't get your hopes up --- you will not.

    Varun, no sir... no-one's getting that video. Forget it ever existed

    Prerona, hey... long time no see! 1 full bottle, 20 minutes and no headache afterwards -- thats Sudipta for you!

  21. LOL! if someone had the presence of mind to have taken a video of the whole process, might have actually been fun! ;)
    PS: i do remember the tag!

  22. Di, yeah right... it is always fun to watch it happen to others! And the tag is highly awaited :)

  23. There is a word for you people..."Party P----- !!"

    Bad sporting spirit !!

  24. Talk about shortcuts to fame..!! When was the last time you had 24 comments to a post of yours?

  25. R, thanks, but the less I bite your bait the better!

    Wonderful Person, yes, so it seems!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. bottoms up, one whole bottle down and yet no hangover the next day? your anatomy needs to be dissected! :) good one!

  28. Life lover, yes ma'am ... I'm a Bengali after all! ;)

  29. That was fun reading that post. Do keep experimenting and regaling us with your tales. But, what did you rant about for FIVE hours??

  30. Alpine path, thanks... what I shouted for 5 hours is top secret!


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