I was talking to the wife (who happens to be an American) of a friend here, and generally discussing how the love and dating scenario was in America, etc. So we were discussing what she and her 'girlfriends' (as they say here) used to do when they were meeting boys. Yeah, yeah, right --- once you are done with your ears tossed high and eyes popping out, listen on.

Girls and wolves hunt in packs; this everyone knows. What is less known is the fact that your fate depends not just on your impression on the gal but also on the rest of the crowd. In this case, one of them would usually meet the guy (even on blind dates) while her buddy would be on the lookout for her. The lookout buddy might also get setup on a double date... but that is a different matter altogether. Well, anyway, in case the guy turned out to be a creep, this buddy of her would come to rescue her immediately and whisk her away on some pretext (Does this sound familiar? :D). Otherwise... if the guy manages to pass the 'creepy' test, then after some time the girl would suddenly need to go to the loo. And it is at this moment that the howling of one ____ (fill in the blanks) induces the howling of the rest of the pack. Suddenly the whole gang has to go to the loo, and never look strange!!

So while the hapless guy waits in the lobby or bar trying to make sense of the whole date, the crowd in the women's loo discusses everything right from how the waitress looks fat in her new pair of shoes to how nosy the guy is. Unknown to the poor dreamy-eyed bloke in the bar, each of his movements is analysed, every word or sentence he uttered is parsed in all possible ambiguous manners * and possible implications, and then a general consensus is agreed upon. I was suitably informed that this is usually a jolly conversation, especially if everyone is excited about the guy and considers him to be a catch. Boy, even imagining such a thing in a mens' loo gives me the creeps!

So all brothers, if you are not about to spend the upcoming Valentine's Day in this fashion (like me), then you should be on the lookout. As soon as the gorgeous charming lady who stole your heart decides to rush into the loo followed by a general pandemonium of her friends beaming in after her, that is the court-house hearing deciding the fate or your court-ship! Pray to all the gods and goddesses you can remember, and beg for forgiveness from the millions whose names you can't remember... for the day of the ____ has come!! Oh, BTW, do take a look at the Silent Treatment' tactics you might encounter as well in the buildup! :D

* : Boy, I could use one such system to build a grand natural language parser!


  1. Just 4 words my friend...I told you so.

  2. :) That was really hilarious.

  3. wrote my dreams :)

  4. dats one helluva funny thing..poor guy..whose under scrutiny and doesnt even have a clue about it !!..maybe it'll be u this v-day..hehehe :D-Ms NMA

  5. Anonymous (Sky), yeah you did tell me: but for God's sake... the loo!!

    Syrals, thanks :)

    Manasa, okay, thanks... will read up there!

    Miss NMA, yeah trust me it isn't so funny being a guy! Me getting this on V-Day!! I'll bless my stars... kamse kam koi milegi to!! :D

  6. V-day tips from sudipta ...interesting ..2 days to go!! wahaa
    mil gayee hai yaa phir yahaa se tinaa ko bheju??

  7. you totally hit the nail about the loo gathering :) a lot of opinions are exchanged during the all important loo gathering and the guy who passes this test from a bunch of gals dissecting his every move will have the gal forever --- or perhaps atleast till vday lasts ;)

  8. Humm....Wow what Gals. It reminds me of something" Gang of girls" :-)

    I will do the tag. Just give me some time. Thanks for tagging me.

  9. lol! You are getting lot of secret information:-)

  10. Cardamom, my tips --- they're always free! :) Aur idhar koi mili ho chahe na ho, aapki tinaa hamesha swagat hai!!

    Life Lover, now, did I? Wow.. thats scary! Well, hope your guy meets passes these 'gold' standards :)

    Alka, read above: apparently it happens everywhere!! Gang of girls it is. Will be looking forward to your tag.

    Mommyof2, oh yeah... loads of 'em! ;)


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