Bloggers are the best lovers

The Language of Love: From diaries to online chats, writing about your romantic relationship may help it last longer, researchers find.

Bloggers write the most.

Therefore, bloggers are the best lovers!



  1. Lovers of what? That is the big question :-p

    Coffee? Food? Computers?

  2. arre itna easy hai relationship ko 'happily ever after' banana? LOL :) i'm going to start writing my journal starting today :D

  3. Wah! Kya baat hai. But I want to repeat Hari's question. :-)

  4. Hari, good question! Now tell me, which among these do bloggers don't like? :D

    Thus, whatever you quote, bloggers are the best in loving it.

    Thus proved.

    And of course, there is what I meant ;)

    Life lover, oh sure! Aap ko to abhi iss paathshaala mein bahut kuchh seekhna padega. BTW, make the journal same as your blog... should make interesting reads ;)

    Alka, kya baat hai! :) Question answered as above.

  5. Yeh bukhar abhi tak nahin utra...yah uske after effects hain....????

  6. wah wah! kya logic hai :).

    Here after long.. and I see I no longer am in the galaxy :p. (just kiddin)

  7. Guruji, Finally written about dreams. That's for waking me up from my hibernation.

  8. Anonymous, nasha ye pyaar ka nasha hai! :)

    Twilight Fairy, thanks... aise logic sirf mere pass hi milenge.

    But now that you are back, I'll let you claim your place rightfully among the stars! You were gone for so long! My apologies, if you're offended. :)

    Alka, shishya, aap yun hi sapne dekhte raho aur likhte raho! :)

    Supremus, :)

  9. Aapke nashe ko todne ke liye...
    find this fallen angel - @
    lol :-)

    This is R !!

  10. R, okay... got your message. But guess what, the pen is mightier than the sword (or the arrow, if you insist).

  11. I was never gone :p. I was right here watching over you. Ahem.. now that I have maro-ed that dialogue I realise, I am "still" not "here" :)

    On a serious note, did you mean I never visited or did u mean I stopped writing? Coz the latter isnt true.. the former may be though :p.

  12. Twilight Fairy, my apologies, ma'am... I stopped visiting after you stopped writing for a long long time. Yes I may have a poor memory, but check your archive for the published dates... there was definitely a hiatus. :)

    And yes, you're here now! :)


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