Aamar mukti aloy aloy

Aamar mukti aloy aloy ei aakashe
Aamar mukti dhulay dhulay ghase ghase
Amar mukti sarbajaner maner majhe
Dukkha-bipad tuchha kora kothin kaaje

My deliverance is in the lighted firmament, in every dust particle and in every grass of the earth ... My salvation is in the universal mind and in my exertions defying all dangers and disappointments.

Lyrics and translation copied from here: http://www.parabaas.com/rabindranath/articles/pNarasingha.html

For those who don't know, it is a poem (a song, actually) by Rabindranath Tagore


  1. That was nice. Who wrote that?
    And what mood is this today?

  2. I liked the verse, especially the last line. Good thought for the day. :)

  3. Sky, I'll take my chances with your anonymity and say that you are indeed limitlesssky! :)

    Anyway, I answered your question by updating the blog. And the mood? Well, I'll talk about it sometime later. Some things are best left unsaid! :)

  4. Is this after kicking footbal..or Vodka shots...??

    Thats a long feat...btw!!

  5. Beautiful. Is this from Gitanjali, or just a random song? I had personally loved gitanjali very much.

  6. What's wrong with you? Or what's right, for that matter?

  7. R, this is a mood: nothing before or after. What is the long feat?

    Suyog, I don't think this is from the Gitanjali --- it is a popular song. Yes, the Gitanjali is a beautiful read any day.

    Wonderful person, I told you :)

  8. The chronicles of Sudipta: the man, the machine, and everything inbetween

  9. Raman, yes... that suddenly makes sense, doesn't it?

  10. Salvation....nirvana....!!

  11. nice :)
    what i love about rabindra nath thakur is a) his range b) the layeredness ... each time i reread it, i find new meanings.

    and who could say that someone who wrote say "lukochuri" could also write - or even just have thoughts - something like "hay go (baethay kotha jai dube jaye, jaye go"

  12. R, I agree!

    Prerona, oh yes of course! And each time we just seem to read into the words exactly the words we want to hear. You actually compel me to write about this on my next blog post --- thanks! :)

  13. I have heard Mita Huq's version of this song

  14. Nayan, yes of course... she has sung it well! P.S. - Welcome onboard!

  15. sudipta i saw ur blog sply. this one gr8 one really so self satisfying cant explain........
    thanx for the feeling u provided thru ur words
    regards abhilasha

  16. Abhilasha, thank you. And welcome onboard :)


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