The mystery of the second sheet - part 2

[Yes, I know that the last post made little sense to any of you. Yes, the English and the presentation may have been completely outlandish and incomprehensible. But you know what, me trying to explain what it was all about is like an artist who has to explain that the portrait he has drawn is really supposed to resemble someone we all know. So I will just go ahead and enjoy writing the second (and concluding) part, while you contemplate all possible combinations of the phrases "rat's ass" and "I care".... just kidding! ;) But yes, I honestly expected everyone would get it! :(]

... continued

The reader must excuse me for not revealing the full nature of the circumstances surrounding our presence at the university at that time. Events such as this cannot be referred to without referring to the private lives and affairs of some people, and the nature of that investigation can jeopardise the peace of many lives peacefully settled by grace of the intellect of my companion.

I was silent for a while as my loneliness offered me water. However, the constant nagging thought wasn't letting me sleep. "You know, I have to ask you something that has been bothering me, and I am afraid I might be interrupting you", I said to her.

"On the contrary", she replied, "your question will actually provide me some mental stimulation on this lazy dawn".

"Well, it is this way. Last night, when I went to sleep, I covered myself from head to toe with this bedsheet. At that time, I was unaware of the cold around me as I swiftly fell into the lap of Miss Dreams"

"What do you mean --- who is she?", came the sharp reply. I could sense the tension in her voice as she searched my face for a reply.

"But of course, darling... I meant you!", I said.

That seemed to clear things up and she seemed satisfied with the answer. Smiling, she prompted me, "The bedsheet, you were saying... ?"

"Yes of course", I continued. "You see, I was asleep for a long time peacefully under this sheet until I was stirred awake just now by my own shivering. However much I toss and turn, no matter how tightly I draw this piece of cloth around me, the warmth just doesn't stay. The sudden whiffs of air that seem to somehow slip under the cover always tickle some part of my body. Be it a little turn or even a simple gesture to adjust the pillow a little better, I end up getting goosebumps. I just can't sleep this way!!"

"Awww you poor thing", she condescended, "you could have told me earlier! Now, let me approach this problem as a detached observer free from any biases and prejudices, because they cloud the judgement of the rational mind. In your case, the air slips in between you and the bedsheet every time you stir, presumably due to the difference in temperature and pressure. Now, the motive of the air in this case might appear to be disturbing your peace, but I believe there are more sinister things afoot. The air must be searching for a place to hide and steal the warmth". Her brows frowned in concentration now.

Suddenly there was a little knock on the roof and a stream of little cupids trooped into the room. The particularly impish looking of them hovered close to our heads, as if the leader of the group. "They are the best eyes one can have in the entire galaxy: never get noticed themselves but they never fail to notice any interesting 'things' going around, you know. Perfect to know what the neighbours are doing", she winked --- aah, the temptress!

The little one who seemed to be so self-important on being called forward to speak for the group sung a tune into the ear of my loneliness. "So, what news do they bring?", I inquired after the 'head' left grinning, each of his followers armed with an extra arrow courtesy my own personal angel. I was pleasantly intrigued; there she lay, all smiling and sparkling as if she had.... "My dear loneliness!!", I exclaimed!

"Yes", she smiled, "I know what has been happening. You see, the air has not been on a personal vendetta against you. The poor thing just needs to be trapped somewhere, glistening between hot and cold surfaces. Thus, all you need to get comfortable is another sheet on top of this one. Thereby, the air can slip in between the two sheets," ... she said, twinkling with a shy smile, "and the warmth stays within you, me and this bedsheet below". Ahh, I sighed, as I softly fell asleep once more, warming up to my loneliness. The mystery of the second sheet had been solved.


  1. I think apart from an extra bedsheet u also need a side pillow (if u dont have one yet)...Hehehe..and if that too doesn't help u!! Then u have been surely hit by Cupid's arrow...
    Kewl Imagination dude!!! I would have enjoyed that even more had I been able to read that with my eyes closed:-)

  2. Bristi, aankhen khuli ho ya ho band ;)

  3. Get a comforter or a girl Or you can ask ur roommate for a favor (j/k).. LOL!! Actually getting comforter is a good idea cuz if you find a g/f, you will be posting about finding ways to keep cool after heated arguments & fights;-)

    What happened to that girl you met in India;-)

  4. Mommyof2, well, comforters and girls are welcome so long as they are free :) And g/f-s are more than just 'welcome'!

    And I met a thousand girls in India: who are you referring to?

    BTW, this post also seems to have gone whizzing past everyone. God, please make someone identify what the two posts were all about!! :( :(

  5. hmmm btw, what did you actually want us to understand from the post? I thought it was expressed in a very subtle way. :)

    I liked the second part also. :)

  6. maybe we are not that smart:-) you should write straight forward post instead of hidden meaning ones then u won't be disapointed;-) I seriously thought you were talking about feeling alone.. Maybe u should explain..

    Btw I love that guest post. especially the "puppy"
    Now you could've written those things about yourself too and that would've made a very fun post too.

    Maybe you should write what comes in ur mind without any worry of making sense or even any spelling or grammar mistakes or what ur readers think of that post.. This way noone has to scratch head to find the meaning;-)

    Now how about a light post on how you spent ur weekend:-)

    (don't mind what I said cuz today is my fast & I had my cup of tea just now with 2 monkeys running around me like crazy and urs is the first blog I visited today.. so you got the detailed comment;-)
    delete it if you want:-)

  7. Syrals, well, I am glad that you liked both parts. Yeah, I know that this has some literary value with my soliloquoy being presented as a conversation... thank you for that. Don't worry about what you did not get: it is too cryptic anyway and I am apparently not so good at writing spoofs.

    MommyOf2, on this blog, the last thing you need to worry about is the length of your comment. I am glad you left such a long and thoughtful comment.

    The post was about being alone, feeling lonely and cold and all that, but there was some spoof that I was trying to pull off that apparently didn't come across so well. Don't lose sleep over that :)

    The guest post was nice, I know: although I actually teased her afterwards because she couldn't really be as caustic as I wanted her to be :)

    And I never really worry if something I write is going to make sense: remember rat's ass and I care? :)

    Light posts are coming, and so are some really dense ones. Don't stretch yourself too much with your fasting --- may God grant all you wish!

  8. Ek chaddar ke liye itni jaddo-e -jahad.
    Kissa Kursi ka to suna that....aaj chaddar ka bhi sun liya...
    Vaise Angrez jassos aur unke chele aapke ghar kya kar rahe the...??

  9. R, arre janaab, rom rom pe likha hai chaddar odhne waale ka naam. Angrez jasoosan mere bagal mein leti thi, aur unke chele gaana ga rahe the! :)

  10. Lekin "elementary " ka lesson to koi aapko samgha raha aap chele huein na....

  11. R, aare hum to bhakt hain! Chele - chamundo se humko kya lena dena! Jai ho, jai ho! :)

  12. Aaila - kahani ko "jalebi bana diya"....muaphis huzoor aapke blogwa pe kuch likhne ki himmat ki.....go fig....

  13. naah, too high level for me...even if miss tanhayee says its elementary. is it about the heart and the mind or is it about loneliness. write a new post explaining tanhayee part 1 and 2 please!!

  14. R, aare dariye nahi janaab: sab ek hi khet ke muli hain! :D

    Life Lover, well, don't worry about it too much. Life ain't so complicated :)

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