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What Matrix Persona Are You?

You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion.
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Cause and effect, my dear?


  1. Ahhaa, Neo you say! I think it is a very good combo. But I am now more confused- if you are a perfect combination of compassion and heroism, why do gals want to strangle you huh?! :p

  2. I got the same result. I should think it's fixed or that we're extraordinary similar :p

  3. I feel the results are nothing like what we really are !!... anyways I got Morpheus.-Ms NMA

  4. Hari's comment reminds me of railway-station weight machines (which is where we also get introduced to "fortune on the fly", oops "on the wheels" :-)). So, these results will always have to be taken with a pinch of NaCl :-).

  5. Life lover, why did the Frenchman's wife want to kiss Neo? :D You'll need first-hand experience to understand the answer to your question :)

    Hari, it is not fixed --- I tried a random combo and got the Frenchman. About being extraordinarily linked, tell me: did you go to the Kumbh Mela sometime? :D

    Miss NMA, you know, you have to be extremely gullible to believe these results --- it is just what we call time-pass :) So, Morpheus, any prophet you know who lied around you? :)

    Thennavan, not just a pinch, take it with a grand bucketful of that! Of course, if you get Neo, you must swear that the quiz is the best one could ever make!

  6. Hmm guess what I am? if only I could remember who she was. lol. The description is pretty intense though, so mayhaps works for me.


  7. Sky, Mu hahahhaahahahaha......
    wait till Trinity hears about this!! Ten thousand thundering typhoons ---- the next time you meet me on IM you'll have it!! Just to get you started, check this link about Persephone

  8. cant believe...

    i got Neo...

    now i am sure that we have many things common...


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