Austin Halloween

"You're too hot to be a nerd", she said, with a grin on her face. The you, in question, being yours truly. At 1:00 a.m. at night, in the middle of a semi-crowded sidewalk, I was told this independently by two different ladies within a span of about 2 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you the hottest wannabe nerd: me!!! :)

It all began at about 12:00 midnight on Saturday night, when I was debating over whether to stay at home and study for my midterm exam on Monday or whether I should go out and see what the Austin halloween looks like. After some deliberation, the devil took over ;) and I was on my way. My room-mate was draped like Santa Claus and he promised me, "You think you are done with the cultural shocks, right? Wait till you see tonight". And I went there all prepared to get shocked.

And a shock it was, indeed! Imagine the most bizzare costume party ever: guys were dressed as anything from an outlandish Martian with a 4-foot dick hanging out or as a character straight out of the Marvel comic-books. Girls were dressed mostly like the ones you see in fancy movies: some with bizzarely skimpy outfits, some like Lady Draculas (with the oozing blood from the teeth and all) and a few were in pretty gowns and all. But the real fun was happening beyond the dresses. You could pretty much go up to a group of guys/gals and ask for a photo with them. And my oh my the poses they were ready to strike. My friend 'Santa' was a popular figure: "Hey Santa I need a million dollars for Christmas" or "Hey Santa, can I have a new car?" were common. And oh, email me if you want to know some of the 'other' requests ;) Santa, of course, obliged everyone and promised them all that! And in return, lets just say he came home with a bounty of pictures that would've made any guy proud any day :)

I had jumped into some of them (gatecrashed in, so to say), standing on the sides and leaning in to get into the frame. Some of them I sent home. My bro went ballistic after looking at them. Dad warned me, don't go overboard. I had to spend some time telling everybody back home that I wasn't going overboard and knew where to stand and what distance to keep. For obvious reasons, they cannot be posted here :)

Anyway, Santa was going around getting himself clicked and also getting me in some of them as his helper or as Agent Smith from the Matrix (yeah that was the closest to anything I resembled if you allow an error margin of 80% :). The guys who we met somehow automatically assumed that I was Santa's bodyguard or the bouncer with Santa. Man, it felt so good to be told that I had the physique, the attitude, and the mean bad boy look --- and that too by guys! But the best was in store for me when I was introduced as the nerd who stays with Santa to the girls. Two of them said, with a grin on their faces, "You look TOO hot to be a nerd!!"

My oh my didn't that jolt my ego... :D Yeah I know it was halloween and I know that they might have been drunk and I also know that they weren't looking too attractive either with the oozing blood from the faces and the jutting vampire teeth. But, 'B'-'U'-'T' but, they said it. And it is a double booster, because I know that I am not a nerd (I feel it as a great compliment when I am called one) and neither am I hot or anything. But well, moments of joy... of fun when you know that nothing is meant: the guy standing next to you dressed as a giant dick will perhaps walk into a board meeting as a high executive the next morning... that exactly is the fun! And I have been having a blast of a time giving my friends a nice shock with the pictures. Many don't read this blog... so don't tell them! For all you know, I am the hottest wannabe nerd around! :D


  1. Wow.. You must have had lots of fun.. How was your diwali by the way?? I had been to Chilka lake, Puri and Konark.
    All the best for your exams..;p

  2. you so ARE a nerd!!! GEEKS are not hot....NERDS ARE HOT!!!! *wink wink*

    * runs away very fast*

  3. Jeevan, yeah thanks... I am having some fun!

    Grafxgurl, jeez, thanks!!! *ear to ear grin* And next time, please don't run away so fast: I'm the bouncer or bodyguard only for the bad guys ;)

  4. No photos:( Unfortunately I have imagination troubles....

  5. "For obvious reasons, they cannot be posted here :)" -- Eh? I am intrigued. What exactly happened :P

    I think the girls were drunk... or umm... on Halloween they thought devils looked handsome hehehehehe :D



  6. :-)All the best for your exams and wishing you more fun too. :-)

  7. Duhita, ok... let me help your imagination a bit: a figure like Adonis, the coolness of Agent Smith, the charm of Pierce Brosnan and a sense of humour like H.G.Wells... you'll begin to get an idea of what I am ;)

    Honestly, though, I don't want to spoil whatever 'hot' image you might have conjured in your mind of me :D

    Supremus, nothing much happened. Just that the skin-show may be inappropriate for certain audiences ;) And yeah they might-a been drunk. But so what? People usually tell their deepest secrets when on a high!

    Alka, thanks a lot! :)

    Sajid, yeah really!! Believe me... ;)

    Alpine Path, thanks :)

  8. Hey Sudipta.. send some pics na.. even I had a good Halloween.. went for "trick or treat" :)

  9. Hehe, You must be afraid of the huge fan rush if you upload your pic, eh?;)

  10. Geetanjali, I sent the pics on your email: check 'em :)

    Manasa, Oh no no no... I'm afraid of losing whatever 'fans' I have here if I posted the pics :)

  11. *cough cough*
    Right....if you say so!:) I do know what you look like, I'm sure you've posted a photo of yourself before! I was actually wanting to get a feel of the atmosphere really:)

    But nice imagination there....yours too huh?:) hehehehe

  12. Duhita, yeah I have: but I have about 10 kilos since then! Email me some id of yours and I'll send you the links to the facebook pictures :)

    Yup... the imagination is what keeps the mind alive and ticking!

  13. pics are must bhai u must post here, i mean atleast for say 2 days so tht it won't have tht bad effect as u think on ur fan following ;)
    so we all waiting for the pics or send the link ...

  14. Sudipta, now you're becoming, very, ve..eery naughty. ;-)

    I like it :-p

  15. Varun, pic posted... sorry for being late!

    Hari, :)

    Sorry about the mixup in the feed

  16. satisfying your ego I say...
    nice description dude. It must have been fun being there. :)


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