Absurdity redefined

I have been tagged, by Suyog. It is called the Weird tag, and I am supposed to write 5 weird things about myself. I wonder, "How many normal things do I do?". But well, nevertheless, I must dish out these details, without going into those areas of my personal life which would make you projectile vomit. Yeah, only the mediumly weird things will be said, and the hardcore stuff will be omitted ;) . They are available on request via email, and at my discretion.

So, to begin with, you must never have noticed that my first name is an anagram of 'A STUPID'. :) So, even though Tom Marvolo Riddle becomes Lord Voldemort, I am stuck with this one... such are the ironies of nature. If you analyse the striking similarity further, see that Tom grew up to become He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. So, ... umm... I think I should stop here. God bless my friends who never discovered this one! I would have had a whale of a time if one of my friends had any such interesting anagrams ;)

Next, I eat grass. Yep, don't smoke... just eat it. And not that grass (*nudge-nudge, wink-wink*). Actually, if you don't have a lawnmower, you can probably leave me locked outside your house without any dinner, and the next morning you'll find your lawn sparkling clean! Ok.. just kidding... am not that good at polishing lawns, but I am of some help.

This is a bit related, but you will have to bear with me. I eat things off the floor. Well, not just things that have dropped, but if I am eating while I squat on the floor and there happens to be a little no space left for a couple of chapatis, I'd gladly put them down on the floor and munch them on later. Yes, you can stop that ewww on your face... I told you, this was just the medium things... the hardcore stuff is censored ;)

Now, since we have talked about food, lets talk about sleep. I sleep on my belly ; umm... it looks more like a pot these days... but that is not weird. Yes, you read it right, fatso! Anyway, people seem to find this very very weird, but I just can't doze off without that. Face at an angle on the pillow, hands under face (well, at least above shoulders) and the rest of the body straight as a trunk. Thats how I sleep. Yes, go shoot yourself over that! :)

Now, the final abnormality (in the medium range, that is) is the fact that I am going to leave a well-paying job while already onsite to slog out for at least 6 years of more study. You know, I am one of those people who took what they taught at school seriously. I just don't find it cool to write in my profile description that I am a no-brainer idiot rambling off on this free space (although that is precisely what I am doing)... just can't accept it. I don't accept how things are normally... always want to tweak them around. I can't be normal... I am absurdity redefined!

Ok, now for the people whose weird traits I have decided to make public, I tag
  • Sunshine (yes, this one should be an epiphany for you),
  • Abhinav (any tag is incomplete without this one)
  • Rimi (this should bring her out of her sombre mood)
  • Hawkeye (dunno if he'll take this)
  • Sajid (one of the undiscovered treasures on the blogging space)
So, what do you think?


  1. lolzz nice anagram , other things r pretty normal (acc to me ie :P)
    keep bloggin

  2. LOL.

    Eating Grasss is wierd - I tried it once, it didnt taste right :D. When you said you heat things off floor, i thought u really meant eating everything off the floor hehehehehe - my imagination knows no bounds :D

    Good one!


  3. BTW, The anagram is Striking :D

  4. hmmm... trust me, there are 5 more absurd things I could tell the world about you. And this is unfair, why do I let out my deep, dark secrets? he he. Will do that, but not as a weekend homework.

  5. Sirius, :) Pretty normal, eh? I should have tagged you... your ab-'normal'-ities should ahev been interesting

    Supremus, eveything off the floor!! Naah... well, I might give it a try some time. Go find an anagram for yourself! :D

    Sunshine, yes, I do trust you. Because you will be telling absurd things about me. Now, do you expect anyone to believe you? :D

  6. homework done. this is my answer.


  7. You eat grass? I used to eat chalk when I was young, hehehe! :P

  8. sudipta sudipta
    yes pappa
    eating grass
    no pappa
    telling lies
    no pappa
    open your mouth

    now we all know why you are a guy (read gaay) and not a gal.

    diamonds for the homework done. right?

  9. Sunshine, ok... liked that one and told you there.

    About the other comment, *ahem*, the proof of the pudding lies in its taste. You'll find out very soon :D

  10. Sayesha, hey! Welcome onboard!

    But you see, you only used to eat it as a child. I still do (now, whichever way you interpret that :D )

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. phd is not abnormal sudipta, i think more like 'above' the normal',better than the usual creed of engg graduates

    well done!

  13. I came across your blog. Nice blog writeup. Can I blogroll you?

  14. Anubhav, yep, thanks!! :)

    Manasa, hey! Sure! You are more than welcome!! Must visit your place now¬¬

  15. Thanks for visiting my space!!!

  16. will do it :-) good post :-)

  17. Manasa, no probs... :)

    Hawkeye, ok, great!!

  18. Anagram is brutal... you are lucky that you had pretty ignorant friends.

    BTW, I too left a well paying job to get back to school. Those 4 years of school were the best period of my life so far. You never get such an intelligent, enthusiastic and vibrant crowd to hang out with. Good luck!


  19. Curious Cutie, Welcome aboard! Yeah I know that anagram was brutal... just that nobody has so much spare time on their hands! :)

    And yes, thanks for the good wishes about the college life coming up... I'll need them :)

    Will check out your place now

  20. hey sudipta,

    i responded to ur tag. just wanted to let you know

  21. i thought i posted a comment here yday. it dissapeared. anyway responded to ur tag

  22. Hawkeye, yes, I'm glad that I tagged you... :) They were really interesting.

  23. Wow! So you are leaving a well paying job!!! How people close to you are letting you do this? :-) I find that grass eating part cute.

  24. Alka, well, people at home have been wonderfully supportive of this. In fact, I remember when I called up my mom 2 years ago that I have got my first job, she sounded a little disappointed that I (apparently) was not going for further studies... and asked about it before anything else...

    P.S. - Cute, eh? Hmm.... I honestly don't understand that word very well.

    Also, why are your posts so few and far between? Looks like there might be updates on your blog... will check out tonight!

  25. Wow! You have a wonderful Mom! Anyway very few people have guts to leave well paying job and venture out into untested water. All the best.

  26. Alka, yep, I know :)

    BTW, my mom is sitting beside me as I read your reply. Yep, she read that too! :)

    Gratisgab, yes, thanks... I'll need a lot of that 'luck' to survive this through

  27. Well, PhD in which field? Whats the thesis all about?
    All the best:)

  28. Manasa, abhi thesis to dur ki baat hai! :) I hope to specialise in AI and NLP.

  29. Hey Sudipta - your blogs are fucking brilliant!!

  30. Hey Sudipta - your blogs are fucking brilliant!!


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